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Dance/NYC and Dance/USA Create Local-National Partnerships at 2013 Symposium


Today, at Dance/NYC's Symposium, the annual gathering of the dance field in the metropolitan area, Dance/NYC and Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, jointly discuss Dance/NYC's evolution from a branch of Dance/USA to a New York State-registered not-for-profit corporation.

This corporate restructuring bolsters Dance/NYC's local infrastructure and financial viability, while creating local-national synergies in service delivery: especially, leadership training and professional development, research, advocacy, and online resources.

"We strive to provide innovative services and opportunities to the diverse dance communities that comprise this renowned arts hub of New York," offers Dance/NYC Chair, Elissa D. Hecker, Esq.

Meg Booth, Chair of Dance/USA, states: "Dance/USA is thrilled that after more than 10 years, Dance/NYC continues to thrive in service to the NYC dance community which will only benefit from Dance/NYC's independence. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Dance/NYC in support of the dance industry."

"Dance/NYC's alliance with Dance/USA creates a unique opportunity to advance the work of our city's dance makers on national and international stages," says founding Executive Director of Dance/NYC, Lane Harwell.

"Dance/USA's relationship with Dance/NYC connects Dance/USA's national advocacy efforts and professional development resources to local groups and allows us to adapt local service models elsewhere, a distinctive opportunity for a national arts service organization," states Dance/USA's Executive Director, Amy Fitterer.

Dance/NYC's Board of Directors, announced today, includes: Elissa D. Hecker, Esq., Chair; Gina Gibney, Vice Chair; David Harrison, Treasurer; Christopher Pennington; and Linda Shelton. Its Advisory Committee includes: Ellen Bar, Jonah Bokaer, Dick Caples, Beverly D'Anne, Alberto Denis, David Hallberg, Virginia Johnson, Leah Krauss, Jana La Sorte, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, John-Mario Sevilla, Eduardo Vilaro, and Julia Kelly and Ben Rasmussen, former chairs of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee. Jina Paik serves on Dance/NYC's Finance Committee and Cory Greenberg serves as its General Counsel. Additional legal support is provided by Carol Spawn Desmond and Zak Shusterman.

Dance/NYC's evolution is the result of a strategic plan led by Dunch Arts, involving 371 stakeholder interviews, competitive, market, and financial analyses, and a planning committee including Jacqueline Z. Davis of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and Ginny Louloudes of the Alliance of Resident Theatres.

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