ChEckiT!Dance to Kick Off ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival, 7/19

ChEckiT!Dance to Kick Off ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival, 7/19

ChEckiT!Dance presents the fourth annual ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival: A Celebration of Female Choreographers, an eco-friendly evening of dance celebrating female choreographers,on Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 5pm at Summit Rock in Central Park, 83rd Street and Central Park West, NYC. Admission is free. For more information visit or email

The evening will include works from more than 10 female choreographers, at various stages in their careers, from across the United States and abroad.

Featured artists include:

Cathy Allen/Red Desert Dance Ensemble

Allison Berger

Allison Brzezinski/ChEckiT!Dance

Meredith Cabaniss/Selah Dance Collective

Alyssa Derling/Derling Dance Arts

Melissa Jackson/Innovate Dance Company

Alia Kache

Lauren Lasorda and Tali Custer

AlexJo Natale/Gestalt Dance

Joya Powell/Movement of the People Dance Company

Jessie Sector

Sophie Sotsky/TYKE Dance

Jessica Taylor/DAMAGEDANCE

Meredith Testa

The ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival is the culmination of all of ChEckiT!Dance's efforts to increase performance opportunities for female dance makers. This annual outdoor festival, now in its fourth year, is curated and produced by ChEckiT! Dance each July at Summit Rock in Central Park. The ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival is a platform designed specifically to provide female choreographers the opportunity to share their work with an eager audience. The work is enriching, lively, and thrilling, and the eclectic styles of dance presented by performers hailing from all corners of the globe, builds a truly global community of female dance artists. In addition, the ChEck Us OuT Dance Festival is entirely green and entirely free of admission, providing access for all.

ChEckiT!Dance is an all female modern dance company based in New York City founded by Artistic Director, Allison Brzezinski in 2010. Through the creation and production of new works that seek to empower women and explore what it means to be a woman, we seek to create a crack in the stereotypical infrastructure of female archetypes and standards most commonly portrayed on stage. It is our goal to both promote awareness and gender equality through our own work and provide a platform for emerging female choreographers and dancers to share their talents.