Actors Training Center Comedy Troupe Presents ONE WORD: PUNCTUATION POINT! Tonight


The Actors Training Center Comedy Troupe at The Wilmette Theatre, announces that they will perform the original sketch comedy production "ONE WORD: PUNCTUATION POINT!" tonight, May 8 at 7:00 p.m. at The Annoyance Theatre, 4830 N. Broadway in Chicago; and Saturday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m. at The Wilmette Theatre, 1122 Central Ave. The group will also tour seven Chicagoland schools this spring.

"ONE WORD: PUNCTUATION POINT!" is a hilarious production written and performed by teenage comedians, hot off their recent performances at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. The ATC Comedy Troupe has performed with professional improvisers such as Vanessa Bayer (current cast member ofSaturday Night Live), Jimmy Carrane, and Cook County Social Club. "ONE WORD: PUNCTUATION POINT!" is Directed by Tim Soszko (Second City, Barrel Of Monkeys, iO) and Produced by Philip Markle (Barrel of Monkeys, Second City, Annoyance Theatre.)

The ATC Comedy Troupe's tour of seven Chicagoland Public School kicked off this week and is done through outreach classes through a partnership with the Right at School. The comedians are performing age appropriate segments from their show along with some improvisation. The schools the ATC Comedy Troupe are touring include King Lab (Evanston), Willard (Evanston), St. Luke's Parish (Skokie), Romona (Wilmette), McKenzie (Wilmette), and Waters (Chicago). Additional performances may also be scheduled.

"ONE WORD: PUNCTUATION POINT!" features Andrew Brilliant (Glencoe), Alexander Frumkin (Indian Creek), Katherine Eschel (Wilmette), Maggie Maher (Wilmette), Miriam Moss (Skokie), Suzanne Stein (Wilmette), Stephanie Reedy (Winnetka), Camryn Rosenstein (Highland Park), Beth Wall (Wilmette), Matthew Wronski (Wilmette) and Jackson Zimmerman (Evanston).