Spain Culture New York & McNally Jackson Books Presents NEW POETRY FROM SPAIN Reading Tonight, 9/26


Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain and McNally Robinson Books present a reading of New Poetry from Spain, Bilingual Edition, at McNally Jackson Books, 52 Prince Street, NYC, tonight, September 26, 2012 at 7pm. The event is free.

Talisman House just published New Poetry From Spain. Bilingual Edition. Edited and Translated from the Spanish by Marta López-Luaces, Johnny Lorenz, and Edwin M. Lamboy.

From the introduction by Marta López-Luaces: "The poetic texts chosen and translated here represent a profound transition-psychological and political-undergone by the new Spanish citizen. This anthology focuses on the poetry written in Spain after 1975. All the poets included were raised under Franco's dictatorship, which lasted forty years. Those born in the sixties or later, such as Ernesto López García and Luis Muñoz, lived under the dictatorial regime for less than a decade; consequently, they experienced the dictatorship as a vague memory rather than as a foundation, unlike the older poets. In any case, the social reality after Franco's death in 1975 was very different from that in which all of these poets had been raised. A new conception of the self had to emerge after the transition to democracy, and this was expressed in the work of many poets as a liberating, though painful, transformation, a transformation that affected the very concept of language. Naturally, the radical reinvention of language produced a reinvention of the self."

Poetry by Juana Castro, Antonio Colinas, Jenaro Talens, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Olvido García Valdés, Diego Martínez Torrón, Francisco Ruiz Noguera, Jaime Siles, César Antonio Molina, Julia Otxoa, Miguel Casado, María Antonia Ortega, Juan Carlos Suñén, Juan Carlos Mestre, Emilio Porta, Tomás Sánchez Santiago, Rodolfo Häsler, Blanca Andreu, Amalia Iglesias Serna, Jorge Riechmann, Marta López-Luaces, Luis Muñoz, Jordi Doce, Vicente Luis Mora, and Ernesto García López.