“Mexico de Mis Sabores” Cookbook is Released

 “Mexico de Mis Sabores” Cookbook is Released

Top-caliber chefs have elevated Mexican food to new heights, and wines from Mexico have emerged as the perfect accompaniment for modern expressions of Latin cuisine.

The new Mexico de Mis Sabores shares secrets of contemporary Mexican cooking in dozens of practical Latin-inspired recipes. This first-of-its-kind cookbook doubles as a guide to Mexico's native wines and pairs traditional Mexican flavors with specific wine varietals grown and produced south of the border. Literally translated "My Flavors of Mexico," the large-format hardcover book offers recipes from well-known chefs including Jose Andres, Rick Bayless and Richard Sandoval. It also includes basic recipes for everything from various salsas to simple side dishes.

Mexico de Mis Sabores is available for $59 at All proceeds from the book go to Comedor Santa Maria foundation, a Mexican non-profit that helps feed children living in extreme poverty.

"Mexico has made wine for generations, but only recently have the wines become integrated into the culinary fabric of modern Mexican cuisine," said Marvin Nahmias, co-founder of Vino from Mexico, a leading importer and U.S. online retailer of wines from Mexico available at "People across America enjoy Mexican food on a daily basis. Our hope is that the modern Mexican food renaissance will lead them to explore the country's wines, as well."

At the center of Mexico's wine revolution is Valle de Guadalupe, the most well-known of Mexico's wine regions. Already, Valle de Guadalupe has earned a reputation as the "Napa Valley of Mexico." It's located 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and runs in a northeast direction toward the city of Tecate. The area is comparable to many west coast wine regions with coastal influences that ensure cool nights even during the growing season's hottest months.

Most of the 6,200+ acres of vineyards in Mexico are planted to varietals that can handle the warmer climate conditions during the peak growing season. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Zinfandel, Grenache, Cabernet Franc and Nebbiolo among reds; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier among whites.

"Mexican cuisine is a marriage of culinary traditions from across the globe. It's no different with the wine. Just like in the kitchen with products, inspiration and techniques, there are different approaches, styles and ideas on winemaking that vary because the winemakers in Mexico come from different parts of the world," said Diane DiMeo, executive chef and owner of Deli & Vine, a New York style deli in the heart of Mexico City. DiMeo contributed three recipes to Mexico de Mis Sabores.

Nahmias co-founded Vino from Mexico in 2010 to expose wine lovers to quality winemaking from a diverse range of Mexican vintners. Today, Vino from Mexican represents more than 20 vintners that share a common dedication to quality winemaking and expressing their terroir.

The curiosity spurred by the newness of Mexican wines in America, coupled with a lack of information on the subject, inspired Vino from Mexico's founders to collaborate on Mexico de Mis Sabores with chefs who are equally passionate about the country's diverse palate.

"Mexico's wine industry has a creative energy because we can make wine our own way. There is no expectation of what Mexican wine "should be"-like there is for French wines or California wines-so winemakers at liberty to express Mexico's terroir in a unique way," Nahmias continued.

Three recipes from Mexico de Mis Sabores paired with wines available at and photos are available upon requests.

The book can be purchased at

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