ART of WNY to Premiere SHINE, 4/24-5/17

ART of WNY to Premiere SHINE, 4/24-5/17

The American Rep Theater of WNY concludes the 2013-14 season with a world premiere of the original work, SHINE, written by Matthew LaChiusa on April 24th and runs until May 17th.

White lightning,mountain dew, hooch, and Tennessee white whiskey are terms used to describehigh-proof distilled spirits, generally produced illicitly ... otherwise known asMoonshine!

In thebackwoods of Tennessee the McCormick's still has been producing top-notch moonshinefor two generations that has quenched many a drinker's thirst. But in 1964times are a changing and a new generation will take over the operations. With apersistent state senator out to protect investments, the blight of racism inthe Deep South, and a dream to escape this life, the youngest McCormick mustdecide between holding onto a family legacy or letting the still go.

Local awardwinning writer, Matthew LaChiusa, crafted SHINE reminiscent of Thorton Wilder'sOUR TOWN, but soaked with a jar of moonshine with a dedicated attention to thestorytelling style found in Americana folklore literature.

Accomplishedpoet, playwright and director, Mark C LLoyd will direct a talented group ofactors including local award nominated actor David C Mitchell (LAUGHTER ON THE23rd FLOOR), with

MichaelLeszczynski (SEE THE SCREAMS), and three of the recent BLOODY BLOODY ANDREWS JACKSON cast members Michael Wachowiak ,Carolyn Lansom , and Billy Horn as well as a newcomer to the Art stage GabrielRobere'.

Mark C LLoyd will again Direct for ART of WNY.

"This isgoing to be a great opportunity to work with old friends and new ones to helpshape an original work from the page to the stage. The Art in the Box space is a director'sdream. The stagelends itself to the intimate surroundings that any new play would thrive. It will be challenging, rewarding andcreatively stimulating."

The AmericanRepertory Theater of WNY takes pride in the company mission to produce originalworks in a forum that encourages new ideas and risks in a forum that focuses onpresenting the piece in the best theatrical execution. "We have seen bothcritical acclaim as well as public appreciation for originals works," saidMatthew LaChiusa, playwright and Artistic Director for ART/WNY, "With awell-received original work by Mark Humphrey this past season (LITTLE ROBERT),the collaboration with Justin Karcher and Steve Sitzman on the original musicalDEAD ENGLISH (receiving a nomination for a local award for theater excellence),the One-Act Showcase featuring Mark C Lloyd, John F Kennedy, DonnaMarieVaughan, and the successful summer series at Buffalo Canalside featuringaspiring writers, The Young Playwrights Festival, I have to say that in sevenseasons ART/WNY has lived up to the company's creative mission."

SHINE can beseen at ART in Box, American Repertory Theater of WNY's newly renovatedperformance space. Comment about working in space by Mark C Lloyd.

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