Broadway Flea Market

Broadway Flea Market
Posted: 8/1/14 at 03:12pm
I would really like to go to the flea market this year to get some bridges stuff, but if the earliest I can get there is around 3:00 pm, is it worth it (ie will there still be stuff left?)? the trip is about 3 hours with traffic.
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Jordan Catalano
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Broadway Flea Market
Posted: 8/1/14 at 03:13pm
Let me look in here and see what will be left for sale at 3pm...

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Broadway Flea Market
Posted: 8/1/14 at 03:42pm
^ As Jordan indicated, there is absolutely no way to know. But if you use the knowledge you already posess and figure that Bridges has a pretty dedicated fan base I would guess your chances are slim. Plus I am also looking for Bridges stuff and will be there when they start selling. Maybe try to get a friend or someone on here to go early and try to get some stuff for you?
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Broadway Flea Market
Posted: 8/1/14 at 03:46pm
I went to the flea market last year I was there from about 12pm-3pm and when I left there still seemed to be a lot of stuff for sale. If I were you I would try and get there and get there whenever you can! It's a fun day with some really cool things to buy!
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Broadway Flea Market
Posted: 8/1/14 at 03:49pm
One good thing about going at the end of the day is that you can find better deals because vendors often lower their prices.

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