Cinderella mid-show understudy swap yesterday

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Attended yesterdays matinee - upon walking in, the company board informed us that both Victoria Clark and Ann Harada were out - and MARIE was being played by Jill Abramovitz, and CHARLOTTE was was being played by Laura Irion. Both did very well - especially Jill. When intermission ended, an announcement was made saying that in Act Two, MARIE would be played by Linda Mugleston. Very interesting switch - as Jill's Marie was quite different than Linda's. Not sure what cause the mid-show swap, but it led for what seemed to be an uneven number of female ensemble members in Act Two. If any happens to know what happened, I'm very curious - I just love to hear the backstage stuff!!
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My guess is she fell ill or had some sort of emergency.
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Care to expand on their differences?
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Well, not having seen Linda's "crazy" Marie, I can only speak for their differences as the post-transformation Marie. Jill's was a bit more bubbly and charactery - while Linda's seemed more serious and motherly. It's clearl that Linda has a hardcore classically trained voice - very operatic. Jill's voice was lovely, but a more "musical theatre-y" (like Vctoria Clark's Marie) and less operatic, like Linda's. Having said this, I would now love to see Linda's act one and Jill's act two... Oh well!!
Is Jessica Hershberg still in the show? I found some audios and she sounds glorious. My favorite version by far!
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I saw Linda as Marie last week and thought she was fantastic. Inspiring, hilarious, and in great voice.

How was Laura as Charlotte?
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" If any happens to know what happened, I'm very curious."

So here's the scoop: Victoria Clark was out for vacation, so Jill Abramovitz went on in her place. Unfortunately, Jill lost her voice after singing "It's Possible" and left immediately to see a doctor, and Linda Mugleston took over for Act II. Leslie Flesner then had to cover ensemble tracks for both Jill and Linda.

To me, this is a great example of how well prepared the cast and stage management crew have to be (and WERE) for a large show, as anything can happen and occasionally does. Bravo to all involved in carrying out the tradition of "the show must go on." Sometimes it's just harder than others.
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