2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!

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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/25/14 at 08:21pm
Lets see if it ever happens.
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/25/14 at 08:22pm
I think this should have been the plan all along
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 05:55am
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 11:30am
Well you know what they say, if you have show full of dangerous effects that you couldn't keep people safe from in a permanent setting.... reassemble it in a different city every night. What's the worst that could happen?
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 11:45am
I just can't imagine this happening. They would need a month of tech for each city they stop in. They'd be better off just sitting down in Vegas for a year.
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 04:08pm
If Cirque du Soleil is able to do it, I'm sure they can rework the show and make the stunts safer for the road.
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 04:33pm
In some ways an arena tour will be safer and easier for a show such as this. The size of the playing space will be compromised far less often in the giant arenas, and a full rig that can be assembled and chain lifted into the air whole will be easier to develop than a rig that has to adapt to various stage houses.

Just look at the size of some of the concert acts, or events like Walking with Dinosaurs or Ringling Brothers and Cirque, that are out there right now that play these arenas. It is definitely doable with the proper design and planning.
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 04:51pm
I agree the rigging and flying will actually benefit tremendously from an arena tour. As for any sense of the storytelling and drama, expect whatever was there to be even more melodramatic and theme-park-worthy.
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2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!
Posted: 7/26/14 at 05:31pm
2016 Spiderman:TOTD Tour Confirmed!!!

^ from the Batman Live arena tour in 2012.

The show you saw on Broadway will most likely not be the show you see on tour (in terms of set design and what not). I'm sure the show's special effects and flying will be custom built for arenas and as someone mentioned earlier in this thread, an arena tour should've been the plan all along.

I can see it doing week long engagements in each venue. Lots of high tech shows tour easily (including Cirque, Ringling, Marvel Universe Live, Batman Live, etc.) and I'm sure the flying effects will be x10 what they were on Broadway.

I think if they really utilize the space and cater the show to being an arena spectacular, it can be highly successful and would do very very well. But, if they're just trying to put the show on stage in an arena (ala Jesus Christ Superstar) I don't see it being as successful.

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