SeaWorld Auditions

Paul Russell
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SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 11:43am
General Season, Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Performers
Thursdays July 17, 24 & 31
4:30pm to 5:30pm Call Time – Dancers and Costumed Characters
5:30pm to 6:00pm Call Time – Actors, Singers, Variety Artists and all Other Talents
Northwest Vista College
Palmetto Center for the Arts (PCA)
3535 N. Ellison Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78251


For Scare Squad Scare Actors Only
Mondays July 21 & 28
At SeaWorld San Antonio
Call Time 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
10500 SeaWolrd Dr., San Antonio, TX

Find out more:

The SeaWorld San Antonio Entertainment Department currently has multiple opportunities for performers!

General Season – We are looking for talent that delights even the youngest at heart. Below are some talent categories we are looking to hire for our fall and winter season:

· Costumed Characters

Howl-O-Scream - Whether you walk like a zombie, cackle like a witch or creep like a werewolf, we need YOU to fill our Howl-O-Scream Haunts. Experience not required for all positions; Just come out to an audition and be ready to scare! Below are some details on key positions we are looking to hire for our Halloween season:

· Event Party Starters and Mainstage Show Performers (Singer/Dancers and Dancers)

· Bartenders/Waitresses for various themed Bars (Singer/Dancers, Dancers and Actors)

· Improvisational and Character Actors for various themed Bars and Haunts.

· Athletic individuals to perform as Stilt Walkers, Bungee Performers and other Scare Characters.

· Scare Squad performers for our Haunts. No experience required.

Christmas – Are you filled with Christmas cheer? Do you “Ho-Ho-Ho” when you laugh? Do you have bells that jingle-jangle-jingle? If so, we need YOU to be a part of SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. Below are some talent categories we are looking to hire for our Christmas season:

· Costumed Characters
Variety Artists

SeaWorld Auditions
Broadway Legend
SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 11:47am
Has Tilikum the serial killer already been cast? ;-(

There is a JOBS board, btw, where each of these posts wouldn't turn into a Blackfish discussion...
formerly oasisjeff on here.
Updated On: 7/16/14 at 11:47 AM
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SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 01:35pm
SeaWorld is evil.
SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 02:57pm
Ugh why do people still think Seaworld is good? What more evidence do you need?!
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SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 03:14pm
Do the performers get to abuse the animals or do you have to be a trainer for that?
Sutton Ross
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SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 03:45pm
Hey Paul! So, have you considered what being taken away from your natural habitat and entire family would feel like? To be shipped, against your will, to a facility where you will be living in a bath tub for rest of your life, only to be let out when you're doing tricks to dumb tourists who don't have a clue?

You see, Paul, the majority of people on this message board are thoughtful and intelligent people. They aren't the kind of people that support torture, abuse, and cruelty to animals.

I found a site that's right for you though.

A good place for you
Four Simple Rules for Attending the Theater 1. This is a nice night out. Dress accordingly. Like, no sweatpants. 2. When you enter the theater, turn off your phone. All issues with phones will be avoided this way, & you won't be verbally accosted by the cast, crew, & other patrons. 3. I did not pay dollas to hear you talk or sing. I paid dollas to see & hear gorgeous men like Norm Lewis, Ramin Karimloo & Joshua Henry. 4. Unless you have medical issues, don't eat. The wrappers are loud, & your disgusting munching is even louder. You aren't at the movies or a barn dance, baby.
SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 04:18pm
Sutton Ross, you just made my day. XD
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SeaWorld Auditions
Posted: 7/16/14 at 07:32pm
I agree that Sea World needs to be boycotted by all. It's not as if performing there is good training.