Lin-Manuel Miranda Pays Tribute to Jonathan Larson

Loved this. Makes me more excited to see this!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Pays Tribute to Jonathan Larson
Updated On: 6/19/14 at 01:43 PM
Sutton Ross
Broadway Legend
This is beautifully written. Lin-Manuel Miranda is so talented, and incredibly cool. I can't wait to see the show next Friday.
Broadway Legend
This made me get a ticket for Thursday...
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Broadway Star
Great piece that I think speaks universally to how so many of us feel about Larson’s works. Excited to see Lin in “Tick Tick…” next week. His commitment and passion to his performances always make for characters I am able to emotionally invest in.

Updated On: 6/19/14 at 02:40 PM
Leading Actor
What a phenomenal piece. Not only do I wish I were in NY to see him in tick...tick...boom, but it made me understand him as a multi-dimensional artist. Beautifully written
Queen of the Night
Featured Actor
I respected Lin Manuel Miranda's talent before for "In the Heights", but this made me respect him even more. Beautifully written piece from the heart. Wish I was able to be in NYC to see this.