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Posted: 6/9/14 at 01:58pm
The kid looks 20!
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Posted: 6/9/14 at 06:44pm
You have to watch a THREE MINUTE video to see the piece... Wow. Won't complain about the :05 ads on YouTube anymore.
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Posted: 6/9/14 at 11:22pm

Funny how you only always post Michael Musto columns.

Well, not funny-funny. More like oh-really-funny.

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Posted: 6/9/14 at 11:31pm
Yikes, more sloppy Musto language:

"It also happened to be a stunning celebration of African American rights, thanks to wins by Audra McDonald, All The Way (about President Johnson’s fight to pass the landmark civil rights bill), and Lorraine Hansberry’s legendary play A Raisin in the Sun, which beat the drag-laden Twelfth Night for Best Revival and copped two other major awards."

Not sure how Audra's win demonstrates African American rights, exactly. Maybe he meant to make a point about Billie Holiday and forgot, or just more sloppy writing from Musto?
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Posted: 6/10/14 at 12:11am
It was so nice to see so many powerful gay men bring their sons to the Tonys.

Hmm? Oh, they were their husbands? Ah...

"Hey little girls, look at all the men in shiny shirts and no wives!" - Jackie Hoffman, Xanadu, 19 Feb 2008

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