First world problem

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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 01:22pm
Should I lock myself away from all media while I wait for the delayed broadcast, or should I devour the media barrage of announcements and just watch the show for the quirks and performances?

What do the rest of the tape delay crowd do?
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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 01:28pm
I usually avoid any news/media/entertainment outlets. I don't have too many friends on facebook or twitter who watch the Tonys, so I can still stay connected to social media without fear of spoilers.

It also goes without saying that BWW and any other theatre sites are off limits between 5pm and 11pm.

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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 01:50pm
I usually find an east coast feed on the Internet and watch it there.
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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 02:46pm
I used to do a media/Internet blackout when lived in California.

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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 04:30pm
For the second year in a row, I have a show tonight that starts at 7, so I won't be home until about 10pm. I'm doing a complete blackout-phone off, iPod in airplane mode--I'm even making sure CBS is not the channel that comes up when I turn the TV on. I am doing everything in my power to avoid knowing anything until I click 'play' on my DVR. So I know how you feel! AND I'll be in a room full of theatre people!
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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 05:01pm
I always do a social media blackout. It would be literally impossible for me to even glance at any of my social media pages without having something spoiled for me. Also I'm going to a Tony party, and it would be no fun if I already knew the winners. I also love that moment when you watch the envelope being opened and the suspense breaks when you hear the winner's name.
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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 05:08pm
I try to watch live but if I can't, I guess I am in the minority...I will try to find out the winners as soon as they are announced..and then I just watch the telecast later to enjoy it without the nerves.

If I have it on my DVR, and watch there - I always watch it straight through without fast forwarding the commercials. I figure if there are sponsors who year after year are willing to buy advertising space during the Tony's, I will at least give them the courtesy of watching them..once. If I want to rewind and watch again, I just watch what I want period.
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First world problem
Posted: 6/8/14 at 05:14pm
As a West Coast-er, I'll probably just do a social media blackout. Most of my friends aren't MT people but I know a few people who'll probably be posting on Facebook. Definitely will avoid BWW, which is sad because I always loved following the live thread as I watched.
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