Paul Newman at the Stage Door In

I am just finishing a biography about Paul Newman and was wondering if anyone saw him in "Our Town" at the Booth Theatre. Did anyone go to the Stage Door after the show? I would like to read about anyone's experiences doing so and what Mr.Newman was like at the Stage Door. The book details how he really didn't like any attention whatsoever.
Jordan Catalano
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Paul Newman at the Stage Door In
Posted: 3/18/14 at 03:44pm
I was just talking about this with someone last night!

I saw the show and did go to the stage door because I wanted to see if a true legend would sign my Playbill. When he came out, there were roars from the crowd waiting for him and he waved to people as he walked by them and I held out my Playbill and pen a little bit as he was getting closer to me and I don't know what I said to him but he smiled and signed it and then got into his car. People were JEALOUS lol. But that Playbill is framed and hanging in my room and one of my most treasured possessions.
Liza's Headband
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Paul Newman at the Stage Door In
Posted: 3/18/14 at 03:54pm
Paul Newman was quite possibly one of the kindest, most humble, generous "stars" in the history of American entertainment. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul's foundation on several projects. He was nothing but a gem and sweetheart to me and my team. He was a true class act with the talent and wisdom to back it up. That story does not surprise me at all, Jordan.
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Paul Newman at the Stage Door In
Posted: 3/18/14 at 04:57pm
kevinr, what is the name of the biography? I have always wanted to learn more about Newman.