Anyone seen The Norweigians

Wee Thomas2
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Anyone seen The Norweigians
Posted: 1/31/14 at 04:45pm
Friend of mine recommended it, did a Search here and don't see any mention.
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Anyone seen The Norweigians
Posted: 2/1/14 at 04:42am
1n 2007, I went on a Norwegian Cruise to the Caribbean and I saw lots of Norwegians working on the ship.
WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
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Anyone seen The Norweigians
Posted: 2/1/14 at 08:55am
I saw this last season during the original run. I was persuaded to go based on the New York Times Critic's Pick, and I'm sorry I did. I found the humor lame, the plot boring and meandering and the acting merely satisfactory. My friend and I had a few good laughs making fun of it after, but unless you're really, really bored some evening I would skip it.
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