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Phantom tour
Posted: 1/17/14 at 10:44am
Does anyone have any information on which performances will be featuring Grace Morgan as Christine instead of Julia Udine? The theater critic from one of our newspapers gave Julia some very high praise and I wanted to be reasonably sure that I would be seing her in the role if I decided to buy a ticket.
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Phantom tour
Posted: 1/17/14 at 12:09pm
I was wondering the same thing.
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Phantom tour
Posted: 1/18/14 at 01:40pm
It would make sense to have the alternate do the matinees on two-show days (like the alternate Frankie in JB), but I know Phantom on Broadway has a different schedule for the Christine alternate. No idea about the new tour.
Phantom tour
Posted: 1/18/14 at 03:04pm
I saw the show twice in Minneapolis and thought Julia Udine was one of the best Christines I've ever seen. She has a beautiful voice and can act the role too.

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