How Much Did You See/Spend on Theatre in 2013?

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I remember there was a thread like this last year (that actually prompted me to keep an accurate account of all the shows I saw this year) and thought it was fun to look back.

I saw a total of 44 shows (20 Regional, 10 National Tours, 4 Broadway, 6 Off-Broadway, 3 Readings/Festivals, 1 Community Theatre) and spent a total of $2,082.75 in 2013. This makes an average of $47.34 per show (although, 13 of the shows were comped, so if I take those out, it would be an average of $67.19 per show).

Most expensive: “Wicked” National Tour in Philly ($166)
Least expensive (besides the freebies): “Othello: The Remix” at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre ($13)

ETA: This is not including cabarets/concerts of musical theatre performers.
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January of this year is the first time I got into going to shows ever. So this year has been an unforgettable one.

All tours here in LA. The (x) is the times I saw the show.
Peter Pan: $50
Jekyll & Hyde (2x): $90
Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth: $25
Catch Me If You Can (2x): $125
Beauty and the Beast (3x): $75
End of the Rainbow: $45
Tribes: $20
The Nether: $20
West Side Story (2x): $100
The Beatles Rain: $25
The Royal: $25
Priscilla Queen..Desert (4x): $155
Sister Act (3x): $75
Chicago: $125
Bare (3x): $150
The Wizard of Oz (3x): $125
Heathers: $30
War Horse: $25
Evita (4x): $232
The Lion King (8x): $425
Peter and the Starcatcher: $20

I saw a total of 21 shows (2 Regional, 15 National Tours, 4 Readings/Festivals) and spent a total of $1,962 in 2013.

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*Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1/16/2013) - $37
*Ann (3/8/2013) - $37
*Hands On A Hardbody (3/13/2013) - $32
*Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (3/13/2013) - $37
*Macbeth (4/26/2013) - $39
*Jekyll & Hyde (5/7/2013) - $89
*The Assembled Parties (7/3/2013) - $30
*Kinky Boots (7/17/2013) - $107
*Motown: The Musical (7/24/2013) - $30
*Pippin (7/24/2013) - $75
*First Date (9/1/2013) - $49
*Cinderella (10/28/2013) - $49
*A Time To Kill (10/29/2013) - $43
*Waiting For Godot (11/27/2013) - $30

Shows: 14
Total: $684
Average: $48.85
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I spent more on the theatre then what I what I saw. I end up purchasing house seats for clients and friends for WICKED and PIPPIN, shows that I have worked on. Those alone top $2,000. Then I alwaysn get orchestra seats for the shows I go to with my thearte buddy.
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Just Broadway, because I totally lost track of the others. Maybe later I'll go through my programs.

Mamma Mia! (11/25/13)-$26
Pippin (4/7/13)- $99
Matilda (8/21/13)- $108
Kinky Boots (9/23/13)- $27
…and I might be rushing Newsies this upcoming weekend, so I may have to add to my total.
Total: $260
Average: $65
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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- $39
Clive- $20
Lion King- $90
Virginia Woolf- $39
Matilda- $27
Passion $40
Vanya and Sonya- $37
Big Knife- $10
Nance- $30
Lucky Guy- comp
Assembled Parties- comp
Testament of Mary- comp
Rock of Ages- $37
Orphans- $30
Reasons to be Happy- $30
Venice- $15
Tom Durnin- comp
Macebeth- $39
Explorer's Club- comp
Murder Ballad 2x- comp
Belleville at Steppenwolf- $65
Nance- comp
Vanya and Sonya- $37
Glass Menagerie- $39
Fun Home- $20
Twelfth Night- $27
Winslow Boy- comp
Snow Geese- comp
Richard III- $27
First Date- comp
Richard III- $27
No Man's Land- comp
Domesticated- $30
Macbeth- comp
Night Alive- $20
Machinal- $10

38 shows
Total Cost- $758
Average price- $19.98 including comps/$31.58 for paid shows

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I must say, I'm impressed with all of you dedicated fans. There would be no theatre without you.
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I saw 33 shows, and my estimated total is $550 (I didn't want to look up the exact prices), for an average of $18.33 per show. This includes many comps. I'm quite proud of how I was able to keep my prices so low and still see so many great shows!
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I saw about 100 shows in 2013, mostly Broadway and off-Broadway with a couple of repeats. (I'm obsessed with Fun Home and Twelfth Night.) I spent about $3,400, for an average of about $34. To hold down costs, I am a member of TDF, Theater Mania Gold Club, the Public, and Lincoln Center Theater. I also do standing room and rush.

I don't know how long I will be able to keep this up, but I had a blast! Carpe diem!

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best12bars, LOL

I saw 140 shows, even though I should I do not keep track of what I spent, which is more than I should have since I am still paying for some on my credit card. LOL! I do belong to TDF, but I sometimes splurge because for some shows I have a seating preference. I also have subscriptions with 2ST, CSC, PH, Signature, Encores, Women's Project and a LCT membership as well as the Public.

I cut back this year, last year I saw over 200, I skipped the festivals this year, both Fringe and NYMF. Next year I may drop some of my subscriptions, a few have been disappointing. I am subscribing to the Roundabout to see Cabaret, Violet and The Real Thing, the subscription price for 3 shows was not much more than buying a decent seat to Cabaret, so I figured what the heck go for it. LOL!
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I wasn't trying to be jerky about it. I sincerely mean that the dedicated theater fans throughout the world make theatre possible. I don't mean just Broadway, or the people who see the same show 300 times, although they are doing their part to keep one show alive ( ), I mean people who spend hard-earned money (or their parents' hard-earned money) to see live theatre everywhere.

Bravo, to you!
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I spent a total of $3,046.65 on theater in 2013. It was nice to review all the shows.
Grand Night for Singing/Mercury Theater, Chicago 27.50
Big Fish/Oriental Theater, Chicago 88.00
The Phantom of the Opera 142. 00
Cinderella 99.50
Pippin 85.00
Motown 142.00
Peter and the Starcatcher 55.00
Godspell/high school 12.00
Godspell/high school 12.00
Anything Goes/national tour 95.00
Oklahoma!/Lyric Opera 121.00
West Side Story/national tour 80.00
West Side Story/national tour 88.00
Perfect Crime 35.50
The Phantom of the Opera 97.00
The Book of Mormon 227.00
I'll Eat You Last 142.00
Kinky Boots 142.00
Flashdance/national tour 60.00
The Book of Mormon/national tour 90.00
The Book of Mormon/national tour 90.00
Matilda 77.00
The Trip of Bountiful 142.00
The Fantasticks 40.50
Chicago 88.00
The Phantom of the Opera 105.00
Russian Masters at Joffrey Ballet comp
The Book of Mormon/national tour 150.00
West Side Story/high school 12.00
West Side Story/high school 12.00
Still to come in 2013:
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular 59.90
The Phantom of the Opera 166.00
Spiderman 101.75
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I do rush tkts or student discount.

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Luv2goToShows, you certainly picked the right name for yourself! That's amazing.
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I don't remember how much my tickets were, but this is the first FULL year that I became involved in ring to the theatre (besides all of the other sporadic times I went to!

If/Then x2
Kinky Boots
Wicked (twice in London, once in NYC)
Romeo & Juliet
The Lion King
Big Fish
First Date
Major Barbara (Ireland)
Les Misérables (tour)
Billy Eliot (London)

And I'm either seeing Annie or Phantom this Saturday along with Big Fish again.

I would say my total would be between 1-1.5k as far as money would go!
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Hardbody $32
L5Y - $22
Bountiful - $32
Testament of Mary - $35
Kinky Boots - $37
Motown - $49
Matilda - $37
Murder Ballad - $39
Macbeth - $35
Chicago - $27
The Comedy of Errors - Free
Pippin - Free
The Assembled Parties - $27
Nikolai and the Others - $30
The Nance - $32
Ann - $30
Pippin - Free
Pippin - $69
Vanya, Sonia, Masha, and Spike - Free
Violet - $27
Pippin - Free
Here Lies Love - $101.50
First Date - $27
Vanya, Sonia, Masha, and Spike - $37
Matilda - $37
Glass Menagerie - $35
Cinderella - $65.50
Romeo and Juliet - Free
Soul Doctor - Free
Wicked - $30
Annie - Free
Eager to Lose - $12
Mamma Mia! - Free
The Seagull - Free
Good Person of Szechwan - Free
Fun Home - $20
Grasses of a Thousand Colors - Free
Big Fish - $50
Big Fish - Free
How To Make Friends and Kill Them - Free
Becoming Dr. Ruth - Free
Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder - $35
Beautiful - $40
A Christmas Story: the Musical - $36
La Belle et La Bête - $27
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Unfortunately, I was unemployed most of 2013, so I was unable to match my experiences during work trips in the previous years. So - for the past 3 years:

Bway - 13 shows, $2500
Off - 3 shows, $300
Tours - 8 shows, $1900
Local - 5 shows, $500
=TOTAL 2011==$5200

Bway - 15 shows, $2000
Off - 4 shows, $300
Tour - 3 shows, $800
Local - 7 shows, $750
=TOTAL 2012==$3850

Bway & Off, 0
Tours - 7 shows, $1600
Local - 7 shows, $700
=TOTAL 2013==$2300

AVG = 24 shows, $3800

(Note - about half of NY shows were solo, the rest 2 tix per show. Local and Tours often were for 4 tix per show - but at least 2)

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I would be terrified to calcaulate this.
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^^^^oh, please! take a crack at it!
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Broadway Legend
Hmm..probably at a couple of shows a month, rarely at full price, often at a lottery price - plus this year I was lucky to get quite a few comps to previews, etc. Can't estimate (or rather too lazy to try).

I did spend a good chunk of change getting my sisters and their families Broadway tickets as Christmas Presents...but I spent more for them than I do for myself. They don't go that often so I wanted to make sure they had good seats for the one night they are both in town.
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themysteriousgrowl, LOL, I thought the same thing!

Thanks macnyc, it was the first name that came to mind when I signed up and glad I still feel the same. Some of my friends thought it was just a phase, said I would get sick of it. LOL! If it did not take me well over an hour to get to the theater district I would probably have seen more, commuting is the only thing I am sick of and the sometimes undependable MTA.
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I have been meaning to do this so here it goes(Also including concerts/special theatre events):

Avenue Q (Community) - $20
Urinetown (Community) - $6
9 to 5 (Community) - $40
Legally Blonde (Community) - $20
Legally Blonde (Community) - $6
Our Town (Community) - $6
Memphis (Tour) - $69
West Side Story (Tour) - $40
The Lion King (Tour) - $74
The Addams Family (Tour) - $75
The Addams Family (Tour) - $69
Alice Ripley (54 Below) - $40 + 30 in food
Matilda (NYC) - $110
Big Fish (NYC) - $49
Kinky Boots (NYC) - $120
Sutton Foster (Carmel, IN) - $35
Patti LuPone (Carmel, IN) - $15
Broadway Flea Market (NYC) - $120 for autographs + $150 on stuff I bought

Total Events: 18

Money Spent: Roughly $1,094 give or take about $10 Dollars

Adverage Per Show: $60.77

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What a great opportunity for me to think back to the wonderful shows I saw this year!

- Nice Work If You Can Get It ($60)
- Annie ($40)
- Cinderella ($34)
- Jersey Boys ($27)
- Kinky Boots ($27 - standing room)
- Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark ($130)
- Pippin ($90)
- First Date ($30)
- Big Fish ($27)
- 700 Sundays ($115)

Thank god for rush tickets, that is all I have to say. And I will miss the days of being a student when I graduate, but I am sure I will just save up my money to see shows. I love theatre!
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I saw the national tours of Peter Pan, War Horse, Memphis, Beauty and the Beast, Fela!, Flashdance, Sister Act, Priscilla, Lion King, and Evita. I was comped for all of them.
I paid for a lot of local shows. The most I paid for a local production was about $60 for a godawful production of Rent.
I spent a lot for my week in NYC though...
Phantom - $105
Kinky Boots - $77
Matilda - $137
Pippin - $99
Annie - $39
Cinderella - $99.50
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I spent approximately $2500 and saw:

Idina Menzil @ Carnegie Hall
Encores! Fiorello
Rob Fisher Celebrates Kander & Ebb @ Allen Room
Kristen Chenoweth @ Allen Room
The Flick
Hands on a Hard Body
Encores! On Your Toes
Matilda the Musical
Far From Heaven
Young Frankenstein (Ogunquit)
The Weir
Hello Dolly (Goodspeed)
The Old Friends
The Glass Menagerie
Fun Home
Melissa Errico @ Tilles
The Patron Saint of Sea Monsters
Big Fish
Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
Patti Lupone @ Carnegie Hall
A Bed and a Chair: A New York Love Affair
700 Sundays
What's It All About? Bacharach reimagined


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