IL DIVO: A MUSICAL AFFAIR discount code?

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Anyone have a discount code for this, considering it starts tonight, their are a TON of tickets for the performances on weeknights.
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Haven't seen anything on it yet. It is on TKTS for tonight.
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WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
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I saw the show tonight and oh boy.

Il Divo is like the Velveeta of the opera world; their sole purpose seems to be to prove the legitimacy of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. The sound was truly horrific tonight, but even so, the group couldn't keep together, their diction was atrocious and harmonies were slaughtered right and left. It was hard to believe that these guys have been together for the past ten years.

I found it funny that in the Playbill two are listed as tenors, one a baritone and the fourth merely "pop singer" as if that was a vocal part! (The baritone was by far the best singer, but he also overpowered the other three and stuck out.)

The evening was mostly wall to wall song, but each member was given a monologue that was truly hysterical. The highlight was when one was talking about how Somewhere Over the Rainbow was almost cut from The Wizard of Oz because the director felt it was grinding the pace of the movie to a halt- kind of like this monologue!!

The projections weren't even fit for Vegas, and the paneling looked like it was left there after J&H.

I thought it was pretty telling that they never attempted an a capella number in four part harmony.

These guys might make a decent easy-listening album, but watching them live was a big disappointment. I would have been a little more forgiving with the diction and harmonies if they had some stage presence and charisma, but Donny and Marie they ain't.

Heather Headley was the best part, but her mic sounded like it was turned off all night. You could still hear her, but they obviously didn't want her stealing the show.
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there are hundreds of tickets available for next monday/tuesday/wednesday they are losing TONS on this.
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Eh, I don't want to see a bunch of senior citizens with red flower pots on their heads singing "Whip it!" If that works for you, enjoy!
Now t/d/b/a haterobics on here.
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^ booooooo! get off the stage (hurls a tomato)
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Sorry to hear WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel, I wanted to catch this but could not fit it in, now I do not feel so bad about missing it. I will just grab their latest CD.
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Whizzer, too bad you didn't like the show. I saw them a few times in 2006 when they played with Barbra Streisand on her North American Tour, and I thought they were really good.
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Whizzer, just the thought of Il Divo makes me cringe.
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I saw the show with a comp last night. I enjoyed it more than Whizzer did, but his points are valid. If you are a fan of them, you will enjoy the show. But if you aren't, this show won't convince you to become a fan. Subtlety is not their strong suit, most of the songs are given bombastic renditions, but this is typically their style. They sing among the most popular musical songs that can be turned into ballad sounding songs, including many Andrew Lloyd Weber songs. They did not pick any hidden gems. Some of the songs sound like they are being murdered, as the harmonies were off. I sat their knowing they are not the greatest singers in the world, but somehow they were able to sell the songs. Their speechwriter should be fired. For some of them, English is not their first language so even the delivery of some of the speeches was not the greatest.

Heather to me was the highlight, although when she sang with them, the guys were drowning her out of the time. I did not experience any sound issues so they must have fixed them (I was sitting in the back of the orchestra).
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I was looking forward to seeing this. I have several of their CD's and enjoy their work. In particular, David Miller has done some exceptional operatic work. He was outstanding in Baz Luhrman's LA BOHEME on Broadway.

I understand the show is closing tonight.
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