Updating Show Previews?

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Updating Show Previews?
Posted: 10/2/12 at 07:50pm
I always check the show previews and am not seeing any updates to it. There are shows that have opened with no previews. I would like to see some highlights. Does anyone know how that works?
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Updating Show Previews?
Posted: 10/2/12 at 10:42pm
NO idea what you are referring to.

All shows have preview performances, they don't all release video however.
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Updating Show Previews?
Posted: 10/2/12 at 10:45pm
I miss those too!
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Updating Show Previews?
Posted: 10/2/12 at 10:53pm
They are referring to BWW's video coverage, the "Show Previews" section that features b-roll.
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