Over Done Audition Songs?

Over Done Audition Songs?
Posted: 9/17/12 at 10:39pm
I am looking for a up tempo song and a ballad to do for a variety of college auditions for Musical Theater, and I have chosen a few that I think might work but might be overdone. My favorite for a ballad is "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserable. I know that whole show is pretty much overdone, but it shows off my range perfectly, so I am conflicted. I was looking into using "Dance 10, Looks 3" from A Chorus Line as my up tempo song, just because it would be really different for me and something people wouldn't expect from someone of my stature, but that show is also done to death. I am also looking into doing "An English Teacher" from Bye Bye Birdy or "A New Life" or "Someone Like You" from Jekyell and Hyde. Any opinions or suggestions on what I should do?
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Over Done Audition Songs?
Posted: 9/18/12 at 03:28pm
unless your dreamed a dream moves people to tears, I would stay away from it at all costs.
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Over Done Audition Songs?
Posted: 9/18/12 at 08:11pm
Based on what I can infer about your voice from the songs you listed, here are some songs you might want to check out.

A Way Back To Then - [title of show]
Stars and the Moon - Songs For A New World
A House Is Not A Home - Promises, Promises

One Hundred Easy Ways to Lose A Man - Wonderful Town
Spanish Rose - Bye Bye Birdie
My Mother's Weddin' Day - Brigadoon
Over Done Audition Songs?
Posted: 10/5/12 at 03:14am
I'd go with your gut feeling. Honestly, as long as its nothing from "Wicked", or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", I think you're good.

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