Desperate Alto In Need of A Song

Desperate Alto In Need of A Song
Posted: 6/23/12 at 07:55pm
I am a frantic, alto-mezzo girl looking for the perfect song to sing in four days for my Next to Normal audition. I'm auditioning for the part of Natalie, and I really need this part! Please if you could suggest any songs for my range that aren't too belty nor too ballady. Please and thank you!
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Desperate Alto In Need of A Song
Posted: 6/23/12 at 09:30pm
With only 4 days, just sing something you already know. Don't worry about it being too belty or ballady... Natalie belts and sings ballads.
If you need a suggestion that suits your requirements, though, I'd say The Dark I Know Well from Spring Awakening. Blue Wind from SA works, too, but is more ballady.
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Desperate Alto In Need of A Song
Posted: 6/24/12 at 06:17pm
Bwaylvsong has it on the money. Being well-rehearsed speaks volumes as compared to a song picked hastily because of a character-type, so to speak. I feel you on the desperate though, dear. Wish you all the best!

And the Dark I Know Well would suit your voice well as it would the character, so I would have to second that. My friend was cast a couple years back as Nat. She sang Someone Else's Story from Chess, if I'm not mistaken. It's definitely ballad-y though.

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