The Best Man Rush

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The Best Man Rush
Posted: 4/2/12 at 09:41pm
Anyone done rush for The Best Man? If so how is it? And how's the line for week-night performances?

Also - what's the back of the balcony like at the Schoenfeld?

Updated On: 4/2/12 at 09:41 PM
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The Best Man Rush
Posted: 4/25/12 at 12:29am
We tried it this past weekend. On Saturday about 10:15, we were told they had no student tickets to sell for that day but to check back around 1 pm for the matinee, that there might be student tickets available then. On Sunday, I was there about 12:15 and was told there were no student tickets but that they were sold out and could sell a $26.50 Standing Room Ticket. We bought those and had a great time at the show. It was completely sold out - we couldn't find a single open seat to move into, so do be prepared to stand throughout.
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The Best Man Rush
Posted: 4/25/12 at 04:11am
That's what sold out means -- also be aware, that at some of the theaters that DO sell SRO the ushers are diligent and won't let you sit down because you haven't paid for a seat. So you should ALWAYS expect to stand with a Standng Room ticket.
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The Best Man Rush
Posted: 4/26/12 at 05:16pm
Anyone done rush for this show recently? Was thinking about rushing Saturday...

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