PROJECT RUNWAY's newest season

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PROJECT RUNWAY's newest season
Posted: 10/1/12 at 02:04pm
I liked the baby clothes challenge, but the dolls were pointless and ridiculous. The challenge itself was rather interesting and there were several good designs (and everyone should have already had the mother's design thought out since the show has become so predictable).

Sonji's was cute, but were all the exposed hanging threads everywhere on purpose or did the judges just miss them? They were really apparent on camera. I thought Dmitri should have won for the boy outfit. LOADS of baby/toddler clothes look costumey because a) babies are dressed up to look cute pretty much any time they are taken out of the house and 2) they want to wear those things, so it's easier to dress them. Christopher's win was a no-brainer. That dress was ADORABLE and would fly off the shelves.
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PROJECT RUNWAY's newest season
Posted: 10/1/12 at 02:30pm
I just saw a baby in a Mario (from Super Mario Brother) costume with a hood added for Dimitry's. I assumed the loose threads on Sonji's design were just a matter of time/finishing (which used to be penalized much more harshly but seems to have fallen by the wayside in terms of judging this season).

I actually wasn't wowed by any of the designs for the little girls, but I guess Christopher's was the least offensive. It actually gave me a strong impression of a knock-off of something from the Diane Von Furstenberg collection that she did for Baby Gap this past spring, though she would have just used a patterned fabric and not messed with those appliques, which in my eye just looked ready for a bored little child to begin picking at and pulling off.
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