A Response to Certain Comments About the Singing in Evita

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Ok I saw the show back in July when Ricky was on holiday and Christina was on. Yes she was good, but it felt like she was walking through the part rather than giving of the sparks of excitement that an actress playing Eva Peron should be doing and which like her voice or not Elena Roger does. I feel that to compare Patti and Christina, or even Elena or Christina is like comparing chalk and cheese- no two actresses will sing the role the same way there are too many variables. All 3 actresses do wonderful things in the role but personally from what I saw, I was only pleased by Christina, by no means overwhelmed.
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Would you like me to show you my ticket Anthony Mouse? I don't have any ulterior motive but it seems you do. I know what I heard. Christina was struggling. That being said she was A LOT better to watch and hear over Elena who made me cringe everytime she opened her mouth.
Don't believe everything that you hear! Only the peeps involved know the truth!
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It's really sweet that they hired Christina's mom. I'm sure she loves getting to watch her daughter twice a week.

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I don't doubt you saw Christina in the show. And I am not her Mom, nor do I have any sort of personal relationship with her, nor do I think she necessarily gives a better performance than Elena. What she does do is sing the score effortlessly and has at every single performance, and what I object to is someone unfairly criticizing a performer in an attempt to build up another performer of whom they are a fan/friend/aunt/etc. think I will go back to lurking now.
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She may sing the role perfectly but that doesn't mean she's a convincing Eva.
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This guy is joking right?
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It's a fine life!
Litsinger was off when I saw her then because she was not good when the show was in Tucson.
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Who am I trying to build up? I only saw Elena and Christina in the role. I "heard" Jessica and thought she sounded better on the high stuff. I have no friends or family in the show nor am I a huge fan of anyone but Rachel Potter...whom IMO steals the show with her 4 minute song.

Don't believe everything that you hear! Only the peeps involved know the truth!
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Rachel Potter definitely stole the show the night I saw Elena, but when Christina was in, they were both on the same league of amazing singers.

Sarah Litzsinger sounded good the night I saw her national tour...but they all have "off" nights.
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Christina was fine. Pedestrian, but fine. I made it a point to see one of her matinee performances, as I had already seen Elena in London years back and opening night on Broadway.

Christina sounded like another character she's played: Glinda, from Wicked. Her voice was bell-clear, but chirpy. A little too bright for what I picture Eva really was in reality. It's why I still love LuPone's take: It was cunning, brash, sexual and aggressive. To this day, no one sings 'Rainbow High' as well as Patti did back in her heyday


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