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BWW Interview: Carly Rae Jepsen on Her Fairytale Broadway Debut in CINDERELLA!

Mulit-platinum recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen made her Broadway debut earlier this month in Rodgers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA, alongside Fran Drescher and a slew of other new castmembers. Jepsen replaces Tony-nominated Laura Osnes as the title character of the musical, which is currently playing at the Broadway Theater (1681 Broadway at 53rd Street).

During her second week of performances, Jepsen chatted with BroadwayWorld about officially stepping into Cinderella's glass slippers, and you can check out the full interview below!

How have things been going at the Broadway Theatre so far? Has everyone settled in yet?

Yeah, I guess we have. I'm about to do what I think will be my eighth show and I already feel like I've learned so much! New discoveries are being made and I get off the stage and say 'Oh, I think I might want to try THIS next time!" or "Oh, this finally makes sense to me!"

I know that you did theatre when you were younger...

I did! I was very involved in community theatre as a child! I got to be 'Dorothy' in the Wiz, and I got to be 'Annie' in a high school production of Annie. I came from a small community so I got the chance to get a lot of experience on stage.

Was Broadway ever a goal of yours when you were younger?

It wasn't a goal necessarily but it was certainly a dream!

You entered the cast with a group of new people, including Fran Drescher. Do you think that knowing that you weren't the only new kid made the transition easier?

Yeah, we actually nicknamed ourselves the New Kids on the Block for that reason! We would all come and watch the show and it was so intimidating but in a really beautiful way. I was like "Wow! I love the story!" I love Laura- she is just a real-life sweetheart. But I think we were trying to figure out how to make it our own and how to do something a little bit different. I think that looking at that as a group effort as opposed to it all landing on me was really comforting.

Joe [Caroll] and I were talking last night (we and a bunch of other castmates went out for drinks) and we were saying, "I think that every time I got nervous I would just look at you!" We were all saying the same thing to one another. We gained confidence in the thick of it!

You replaced the Laura Osnes, who was nominated for at Tony for the role. Did she give you any good advice?

She has been SO supportive. She's given tons of little notes. Even when it comes to things like: "Hey it really helps if you turn the shoe this way in your pocket." But more than that she's been on my side and really rooting for me. I'm so in awe of her. It's been so lovely because us two have a bond of getting to be Cinderella and knowing what that is like. It's hard to explain that to anybody else unless they've been in it.

I came to see her last show and gave her flowers and champagne. And then she did the same for me on my opening night. It has been a really beautiful transition.

The costume changes in Cinderella are epic! Are you at a point where you are comfortable with all of them yet or do they still make you nervous?

I think that the day that you get at ease with it is the day that something happens [Laughs]! But no, I'm always a little bit on my toes because there are so many moving parts to those moments. I enjoy them though! It's actually probably one of my most favorite parts of the show- getting to be a part of that transition with the white ball gown. It's so fun to hear the shock from the audience as it happens and to know that it is coming.

Is that the moment in the show that you look the most forward to every night?

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