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ALADDIN's Adam Jacobs Discusses Broadway Adaptation & More

ALADDIN's Adam Jacobs Discusses Broadway Adaptation & MoreThe star of Disney's brand new screen-to-stage adaptation of their hit multi-award-winning animated movie musical ALADDIN, Adam Jacobs, opens up about his role in the show as well as the Broadway stage edition of the piece byway of a new interview.

Jacobs shares that Aladdin himself is the actor's favorite Disney hero, imparting, "He's my favorite Disney hero for sure. He's the coolest one. He's evading capture and there isn't really a Disney prince hero who's equivalent in any other movies, that I can think of. He's definitely the hero, especially for boys. All my friends my age thought he was the best one. I'm definitely glad I get to play him."

Revealing a new aspect of the forthcoming production, Jacobs explains, "What people will be surprised about in this show is the three friends of Aladdin. Their names are Babkak, Kassim, and Omar, and again, that was one of the original visions they had for the movie but then they cut it, and they're his pals. They're sort of a street band asking for money in the city and they bring a lot of comedy to the show. I don't know if you've heard, but there's no Abu, so these guys sort of replace him in that way. I think the audience will be pleasantly surprised by their antics."

Touching upon a previously excised song from the film now in the Broadway edition, Jacobs relates, "In this version, I have a song called "Proud of Your Boy" where I [Aladdin] sing to my mother who passed away, which sort of fuels me through the rest of the show. That was originally in the movie, but they cut it, so I'm glad it's in the show now. It gives him so much more to play off of, for me anyway."

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