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The Night Watch at Fairfield Halls




Fairfield Halls

Park Lane

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adapt: Hattie Naylor; dir: Tony Estrella.

adapt: Hattie Naylor; dir: Tony Estrella.

Fairfield Halls Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are coming up next at Fairfield Halls
Cinderella (Fairfield Halls) (12/10-12/10)
Once (12/19-12/19)

Where is Fairfield Halls located?
Fairfield Halls is at Park Lane, London.

What shows have played recently at Fairfield Halls
Once (12/19/19-12/19/19)
Cinderella (Fairfield Halls) (12/10/19-12/10/19)
The Night Watch (11/18/19-11/18/19)
Friendsical (10/28/19-10/28/19)

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