CW help; set design

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CW help; set design#1
Posted: 1/3/09 at 12:10pm
Sorry for being a bit off topic, but I'm doing my drama coursework and I'm a bit stuck. The coursework is our development stage of looking at Elmina's Kitchen, and for one section I have to design a set.
Firstly, it describes very specifically the set, then says 'draw and label a detailed diagram of your set' do I do the one described or my own?
Also, the description says "The TV that is attatched to the left wall clostest to the counter are two wooden swing doors that lead to the kitchen". It seems to me there's a few words missing! Has anyone seen the play and can describee it more?
I can see my teacher after school on Monday and give it in Tuseday but I want to get it done...
If anyone could help I'd be very grateful, if not then I'll ask my teacher =)x