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The Conductor

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The Conductor#1
Posted: 8/18/08 at 12:10pm
This is a question that is causing alot of arguments on youtube, wos etc. and I am just wondering the truth, does the actor follow the conductor or does the conductor follow whats happening on the stage?

As far as I am aware, the conductor sets the pace and speed of the songs and keeps everyone in time, the actors just follow him, yet some people say, if the actors start to sing fast, the conductor speeds up to follow them,

so can anyone answer which is right?

I guess any actors will no as they would have been told!
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re: The Conductor#2
Posted: 8/18/08 at 12:30pm
Conductors are there to keep the pace consistent between pit and stage. Whenever I've been onstage, I've almost strained my peripheral vision obsessively keeping my eye on the conductor (and I would be genuinely happy if conductors had greater influence on audience, and even real-life conversation). But I guess some performers are less conductor-obsessive than I am, and in those situations, it will be to keep the band up to the performer's tempo rather than the other way round. I would have thought it would just be that the conductor keeps everyone together, and there's no one way that is usual. ^_^