West End Eurovision

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West End Eurovision#1
Posted: 5/16/08 at 1:22am
Well... what an enjoyable camp evening! The first ever West End Eurovision... for those who doesn't know what it is, I was expecting something like the Broadway Easter Bonnet sorta thing, but this is a contest having casts from a few West End shows doing their rendition of their favourite Eurovision song.
I sat in the Royal Circle, not full, but the atmosphere was SOO amazing through the night.. all cheering and clapping (and some boo-ing when David Ian was introduced). The host for the evening was Richard Gauntlett who was quite hilarious and entertained us well. The judges were the always-glamorous Frances Ruffelle, amazing Sally Ann Triplett, Cheryl Baker and also David Ian. I thought they were all quite entertaining but it was really Sally Ann and Cheryl who did most of the talking and acting through the night. The other two were quite quiet.
Opening the show was a sort of mixture of performers and main songs from all the shows anticipating which was actually really really good!
'Buddy' was first to perform, doing the 1976 winner UK entry of 'Save Your Kisses For Me', the guy in green drag... TOTALLY stole the performance; 'Phantom of the Opera' did 'Love Enough For Two' which was a 1980 entry which came 3rd. Their opening video was HILARIOUS! One of my favs. of the evening! 'Mamma Mia' did 'Dinge-Dong' which was winner entry of 1975 for Netherlands. What a great camp song and what a beautiful beautiful performance from the cast! Their dresses and the choreography... how much time did they use to rehearse?? 'Avenue Q' did their rendition of the ever-so famous ABBA 1974 winner entry 'Waterloo'. They really made it their own... all 'Avenue Q'ed up. Good effort and some good moves. 'Wicked' did a 1996 UK entry 'Just A Little Bit' which I have to say... WOW. GREAT GREAT effort! And James Gillan... I didn't recognise him when he first skated out, I actually thought he was a woman, then recognised him with a closer look but what a sex minx he looked! Just in aw how much effort they put in! 'Grease' did 1981 UK winning entry 'Making Your Mind Up' which was quite good and a very nice touch ripping off the guy's trousers near the end! haha. 'Lion King' did 'Drama Queen' with a very weird video to start with and only 3 performers which I was sorta disappointed in the beginning but David Pendlebury pulled it off great!
Special guest performances from David Badella who was amazing as usual and 07 UK representative 'Scooch'.
I think Frances voted for 'Lion King', Sally Ann for 'Phantom', Cheryl for 'Grease', David Ian 'Wicked'. But the final agreed decision was to 'Wicked'. And the audience votes also went to 'Wicked' and I have to say quite deservedly so! They did an encore (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U9hlMDlxXg). But what a great great great great effort all of them shows had! Just... applauding them while typing this!
What a great event for such an amazing cause and I hope it'll happen next year!!!
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