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Seating Question for Prince Edwards Theater

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Dr. Jaykll
Hello all!

If someone could help me, I'm trying to find out which of the following would be better for Mary Poppins ... rear stalls (row Y) or middle dress circle (row K). My parents are going to be in London and I'm buying them tickets for their anniversary. There is no information on which row of the stalls the dress circle overhangs (to find out whether row Y would have a full view of the stage or be cut off by the dress circle). If anyone has any information, please post. Thanks!
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Broadway Legend
Personally, I'd go with the dress circle seats. As far as I know there are some special effects in the show that take place off the stage floor so keeping that in mind I'd think the dress circle seats would offer a better view.
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Dress Circle seats. I think I sat in row K up there the first time I saw the show, and the only thing I missed was part of Mary's exit at the very end.

Are you doing this via Ticketmaster or by phone? If ticketmaster, try calling the box office instead -- I have found they usually have a different selection from Ticketmaster, and sometimes it's better. Try:

0870 850 9191 (or 020 7447 545re: Seating Question for Prince Edwards Theater If you're calling from the U.S. it would be 44-870-850-9191 or 44-20-7447-5458

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I agree with the others - the middle Dress is your best option

If you want seating advice for any London theatres (including overhanging balconies and legroom), take a look at the Theatre Monkey site:
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