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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Posted: 8/11/14 at 10:40am
Just went to book tickets for next year, but was 33,989 person in the que. Most performances sold out already, might just try pot luck and go for the 100 day seats @ ten pound each when the season opens next year!
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Posted: 8/11/14 at 11:40am
If you just went to book, you are late to the party. There was much amusement (ok mixed with anguish and vitriol) at www.theatreforum.com when tickets went on sale for Barbican members (at differing levels) and people were describing their experiences.

Apparently, you can try to buy tickets on the ATG website, instead of Barbican. Thatreforum suggests the 62 pound price point?
I just went on the site and found Q10 and Q11 in the stalls for August 28 at 95 pounds each. (This was at 11:00 US Central Daylight Savings Time)
But, I don't have a trip planned to London for then, so I'm giving them up.
Type in "Hamlet" in the search box and it will show you available dates.

In any event, more "amusing" posts of travails of today (especially from people who bought Barbican memberships only to find out about the ATG allotment)

Less waiting?
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