Ecstasy At The Duchess

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Ecstasy At The Duchess#1
Posted: 3/23/11 at 1:16pm
Ecstasy At The Duchess
Written and directed by Mike Leigh.
Will transfer from the Hampstead Theatre, to the West End's Duchess theatre from 12th April 2011, running to 28th May 2011.

'Ecstasy' is currently enjoying a sold out run at the Hampstead Theatre to 9th April, where it received good notices from the popular press.

The cast imcludes Sian Brooke, Daniel Coonan, Claire-Louise Cordwell, Allen Leech, Sinead Matthews, Craig Parkinson.

It is designed by Alison Chitty, lighting by Paul Pyant, sound by John Leonard. It is produced in the West End by Greg Ripley-Duggan for Hampstead Theatre Productions, Nica Burns and Max Weitzenhoffer for Nimax Theatres.

Overview 1979. The Winter of Discontent is over and Margaret Thatcher's regime is about to transform the country. Old friends come together in a Kilburn bed-sit.
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