The Russians Are Coming

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The Russians Are Coming#1
Posted: 12/6/10 at 9:48am
The Russians Are Coming

Russia's Sovremennik Theatre will perform three of their productions at the Noel Coward Theatre from 21st to 29th Jan 2011

Directed by Galina Volchek.

Performed in Russian with English surtitles

'Deathtrap', at the Noel Coward is being taken off one week early enable the Russian season to take place
'Deathtrap' will now close on 15 Jan 2011.

21st & 22nd Jan 2011
'Into The Whirlwind'
by Eugenia Ginsburg.
This surrealistic nightmare of Stalinís prison system tells the story of one womanís survival through interrogation and torture, transporting its audience to a strange, Goyaesque world, reminiscent of Danteís circles of Hell.

24st & 25th Jan 2011
'The Three Sisters'
by Anton Chekhov.
Four young people are left stranded in a provincial backwater after the death of their father, an army General. They focus their dreams on returning to Moscow, a city remembered through the eyes of childhood as a place where happiness is possible.

28th & 29th Jan 2011
'The Cherry Orchard'
by Anton Chekhov.
There will be progress, the cherry orchard will be cut down and in its place there will be something else erected. Then new people will come and demolish that which was built by their predecessors

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