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EDINBURGH 2019: ISH Dance Collective Q&A

EDINBURGH 2019: ISH Dance Collective Q&A

BWW catches up with ISH Dance Collective to chat about bringing Elements of Freestyle to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a bit about Elements of Freestyle.

Elements of Freestyle is a spectacular and theatrical show with a lot of different street skills and live music, performed by the best and show the audience our passion and lifestyle.

Why bring it to Edinburgh?

We want to see if our show is as successful here as in the Netherlands.

How important is the venue to this piece?

What makes Urban Arts so interesting is the fact that you can almost do it anywhere. However, for a more theatrical feel, we have created a very multifunctional set: a little paradise for each discipline we will be presenting. It's very interesting to see the set unfold and become so different every time. I guess for this production it was very important for the venue to be large enough, for us to build our Freestyle Paradise.

What sets it apart from other shows at the festival?

The unique combination from spectacular skills, live-music, theatre you have never seen before in a theatrical setting.

Who would you recommend comes to see it?

Everybody who's interested in urban arts/disciplines, and even if you don't know anything it's still a very entertaining fun show to watch.

You can see ISH Dance Collective: Elements of Freestyle at Pleasance at EICC from 3rd- 25th August at 4pm. For tickets, please visit www.edfringe.com

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