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BWW Review: WHITE CHRISTMAS, Dominion Theatre

BWW Review: WHITE CHRISTMAS, Dominion Theatre

Nikolai Foster's production of White Christmas is the second in five years to run at the Dominion Theatre. The last - directed by Morgan Young - was a solid affair, but pales in comparison to this version, which sparkles from top to toe.

BWW Review: WHITE CHRISTMAS, Dominion TheatreThis stage version of the classic 1954 film has been adapted authentically, with some additional music from Irving Berlin's back catalogue for good measure...although these additions don't particularly elevate the score.

The plot to White Christmas is simple: having left the army shortly after World War II, Bob Wallace and Phil David collaborate to form a song-and-dance act that tours around unnamed parts of the US.

When they meet Betty and Judy Haines - also a song-and-dance duo - they follow them to Vermont, where they discover their former General is now owns an inn - which is struggling thanks to a freak heatwave and no snow. Various romantic entanglements ensue...all punctuated heavily with lengthy dance numbers and moments of comedy from inn concierge Martha.

This production does well with an already thin plot, but somehow the stakes still always feel slightly too low to care much what happens in the end. The most depth we get is from Bob and Betty's relationship - thanks in large part to Danny Mac and Danielle Hope's chemistry. Mac and Dan Burton (playing charming lothario Phil Davis) also have a nice connection and manage to create a believable bond between two men who were in the trenches together.

Both Burton and Mac are known for their dancing abilities - Burton from dance-heavy musical theatre roles such as Don Lockwood in Singing in the Rain, and Mac from his stint on Strictly Come Dancing - and they showcase these skills expertly here. Stephen Mear's choreography is slick and stylised, and the entire company handle it deftly. Combined with Diego Pitarch's stunning costume design, this show really is all about the visuals - the end result is a feast of old-school colour and sparkle.

White Christmas is an accomplished production, and full of all the festive cheer one could want at this time of year. If you're looking for depth and purpose, this show isn't for you - but it certainly achieves its objective of telling a classic Christmas story, delivered by an incredibly talented cast.

White Christmas at the Dominion Theatre until 4 January, 2020

Photo credit: Johan Persson

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