BWW Interview: Audrey Brisson Chats AMELIE THE MUSICAL at The Other Palace

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BWW Interview: Audrey Brisson Chats AMELIE THE MUSICAL at The Other Palace
Audrey Brisson as Amelie

Audrey Brisson is currently leading the cast of Amelie The Musical, the stage adaption of the 2001 romantic comedy film. She spoke to BroadwayWorld about the show and its imminent London transfer to The Other Palace.

Who inspired you most growing up?

The people who inspired me most were the acrobats of Cirque du Soleil with whom I worked. Their resilience, professionalism and dedication to their craft taught me a lot.

When did you decide you wanted to be a performer?

I don't think I ever decided to perform. I started when I was four years old so I guess it was always a part of my life, and what I would end up doing.

For those unfamiliar with the film, what is Amelie about?

Amelie is a young woman who, due to the way she was brought up, struggles to connect with others, yet develops a taste for meddling into other people's life in order to get them to connect with each other.

She always finds it easier helping others rather than focusing on her own issues. Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather) life catches up with her and she is forced to face her demons and fears.

What's your favourite thing about playing Amelie?

Amelie spends a lot of time spying on people. It's a great opportunity for me to watch my fellow actors shine on stage.

Were you familiar with the film beforehand or did you watch it as part of your preparation?

I've watched it many times in my life - the first time was pretty soon after it came out in 2001.

How similar is the musical to the film? Has it been anglicised and lost the accents like Les Mis?

Our version follows the narrative of the film. It's performed in English but with French accents and very much has a French feel to it.

BWW Interview: Audrey Brisson Chats AMELIE THE MUSICAL at The Other Palace
Audrey Brisson and the
cast of Amelie The Musical

How is the tour going? Are you excited for the London run at The Other Palace?

The tour has been wonderful. We've been extremely fortunate and lucky to receive such warm welcomes everywhere we've been. Being in London for a few months will be a real delight. Being at home, and returning to The Other Palace, a venue I really like, will be joyful.

Have you ever done an "Amelie" in real life - helping others to find love and happiness?

Is the question have I ever meddled and not minded my own business? Yes, yes I have...

Any advice for aspiring actors?

Learn as many skills as you possibly can. It allows you to be versatile and unique. Being in the rehearsal room with a few strings to your bow is a brilliant tool and gives you the opportunity to offer so much more in the creation of a piece.

Why should people come to see Amelie The Musical?

People should come to see Amelie because it's amazing! The music is great and the story is highly relatable. It speaks to the world we live in, where we all tend to look down at our phones rather than talking to each other.

Amelie The Musical at The Other Palace from 29 November

Photography credit: Pamela Raith

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