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Frontieres sans Frontieres show poster

Frontieres sans Frontieres at Spooky Action Theater

Dates: (4/25/2024 - 5/19/2024 )


Spooky Action Theater

Spooky Action Theater, 1810 16th St NW
Washington,DC 20009

Phone: 202-248-0301

Tickets: $37.50 with PayWhatYouCan shows and student/senior/industry discounts

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Frontieres sans Frontieres by Phillip Howze, directed by Elizabeth Dinkova. Featuring Frank Britton, Surasree Das, Lauren Davis, Jamil Joseph, Camilo Linares, Victor Salinas, Anna Takayo

At a landfill in a country that feels familiar and foreign, three stateless youth have cobbled together a scrappy living: learning Engaleash, raising ruckus, dreaming big while getting by with little. Soon a whirlwind of tourists, social media influencers, foreign investors, and do-gooders invade their home with promises of assistance and civilization – but at what cost?  Howze’s “brightly colored, comic fantasia on cultural imperialism” (The New York Times) dazzles with its blistering satire and asks, who wins and who loses in a war to hold on to the people and places we love?
Content transparency: shooting and war sounds, on-stage violence, drug and alcohol use, implications of child trafficking

“Linguistically acrobatic and piercingly funny, Frontiéres is a whip-smart modern burlesque that deserves a wider audience." —New York Magazine

CRITICS’ PICK! "Howze's exciting piece is a savage burlesque, a clear-eyed bouffon treatment of war." —Time Out New York

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Spooky Action Theater is at Spooky Action Theater, 1810 16th St NW, Washington, DC.


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