I did not plan on writing any sort of article on the film of the Broadway musical NEWSIES which I saw at the sold-out Cinemark Theatre in Towson, MD. But when I saw this cute five-year old wearing the vest and cap of the "newsies", I melted.

Henry McCrea was dressed for the show. His mother Lauren and father Jessop were well aware of Henry's love of NEWSIES.

Lauren explained she fell in love with the original Disney movie and when the musical first performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey she was there.

Henry became enamored with the show at a young age and knows every lyric. When the Broadway show traveled to Richmond, Virginia, Henry and the family attended and Henry was een more hooked. Henry dressws for the part in Richmond and his mom even bought him the "newsie" bag to sell paps. They also saw the shop at Baltimore's Hippodrome Theatre.

But seeing it on a big screen with the amazing close-ups of the cast is unforgettable. Disney has done a masterful job bring this two-time Tony-winning musical to the big screen. The audience was howling and applauding as if the actors were there in person..

Henry's mother reported he was rocking to the music in his seat. He told me he loved the character of "Les" who played the youngest "newsie".

His favorite number is "King of New York". "I just loved the tap dancing", Henry commented. After the film, Henry was a big hit to many of the film-goers.

He highly recommends the film and hopes his family can "own" the DVD one day so he can watch it all the time.

Henry hopes to share this experience with his kindergarten class at St. John's Lutheran elementary school.

To the film...Jeremy Jordon is spectacular reprising his starring role as "Jack". Thank goodness his performance and the work of the entire cast has been preserved on film so the whole world can see it.

Disney's camera work was magical. It was filmed at a special performance at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles and the lucky crowd even was shown. During the 15 minute intermission the screen showed backstage photos.

Choreographer Chris Gattelli and Director Jeff Calhoun's work is now immortalized. I can only imagine how the actors (and their families and friends) must think watching themselves on the big screen.

I only wish somehow the film could have showns the orchestra during the overture.

The credits are terrific. Each character has their name up on the screen as they appear.

You have one more chance to see NEWSIES on Feb. 22 at a theater near you. Visit Tickets will cost about $20 and it is well worth it.

What a terrific way to introduce young people to musical theater.

Photo Credit: Jessop McCrea

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