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Chicks in Heavem show poster

Chicks in Heavem at Creative Cauldron

Dates: (4/11/2024 - 4/28/2024 )


Creative Cauldron

410 S Maple Ave
Falls Church,VA 22046

Phone: 703-436-9948

Tickets: $25-$45

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When four friends come together in a rural southwest Virginia town for a reunion, it's a happy gathering filled with remembrance and ritual.  But when some religious crusaders stage a book-burning, and a local boy sets fire to one of the friend's van, their friendship is tested.  Can the same magical activism that forged their early feminist bonds bring them together now to fight patriarchy and racism, at a time when the fight is needed most?   A "Bold New Voices" premiere that celebrates the resilient power of the feminine spirit.

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Creative Cauldron is at 410 S Maple Ave, Falls Church, VA.

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