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Pi Theatre Presents Livestream of its PROVOCATEURS PRESENTATION SERIES

Provocateurs Presentation Series runs February 18-21.

Pi Theatre Presents Livestream of its PROVOCATEURS PRESENTATION SERIES

Pi Theatre will present its 2021 Provocateurs Presentation Series with Macbeth Muet, an innovative interpretation of Shakespeare's play performed by two actors using elaborate sound design, physical theatre, and the manipulation of inanimate objects to represent the play's characters; and the Canadian premiere of Frequencies, a mixed reality techno confessional performance. Each production, a display of sheer theatrical invention, includes cutting-edge technology and will be presented virtually, live in real-time from Montreal and Halifax.

Tickets start at $15 and are available online at

Macbeth Muet | February 18 & 19 at 7:00pm PT / 10:00pm ET

Macbeth Muet completely deconstructs this Shakespeare Tragedy into a fast-paced, visceral theatre experience, using the body, objects as imagery, and a ton of fake blood. Produced by La Fille du Laitier, entire scenes are reduced to a single look as Shakespeare's complex and beautiful poetry is rendered mute, and searing. And through it all, a couple is transformed irrevocably. Created by Jon Lachlan Stewart and Marie Hélène Bélanger Dumas, and directed by Jon Lachlan Stewart, Macbeth Muet presents a world so devoid of morality that human lives become as disposable as styrofoam cups. And the excess - the blood, the scraps, the waste - will all be left behind for future kings. Macbeth Muet is presented via livestream (multi-view or single camera view) with performances broadcasting from the Maison international des arts de la marionette (MIAM) in Montréal, QC.

Frequencies | February 20 & 21 at 4:00pm PT / 8:00pm AT

"I'm telling you I miss someone I've never met", proclaims Aaron Collier, creator and star of HEIST's new multimedia storytelling show Frequencies. Debuting live in real-time from Halifax, in partnership with Pi Theatre, Prairie Theatre Exchange and Theatre Outré, Frequencies is an innovative, solo, and mixed reality performance viewed through the eyes of a second actor wearing a VR headset with a special camera attached. While exploring his connection to his family in what could best be described as one part live techno concert and one part autobiographical confessional, the audience sees Collier and his keyboards augmented by digital scenography. Frequencies premieres nationally via livestream with performances broadcasting from The Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, NS.

"Like the cashless society, digital representations of live events have been dramatically accelerated by the pandemic," says Richard Wolfe, Pi Theatre's Artistic and Producing Director. "Smaller independent companies across Canada and around the world are doing much of the R&D into the dramaturgy and the technology of the livestreaming experience. Pi Theatre is very pleased to be able to bring you two of those shows in a livestreaming/live in real-time experience this February as part of our Provocateurs Presentation Series."

Wolfe adds, "La Fille du Laitier and HEIST are making real breakthroughs by using technology to create experiences you can't get on Netflix or even at your local theatre. Their work is of the now. Using multi-camera views and virtual reality augmentation, participants will see and hear the shows as they happen, with no chance of catching the 'recorded livestream' sometime in the future. The shows are thematically linked by a haunting. Both stories use the absent child as fuel for their action. Pi Provocateurs livestream brings you into psychic proximity with other people to share a moment, an idea, and an experience."

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