BWW Interview: Sitting down with Anthony Street of CELTIC ILLUSION!

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BWW Interview: Sitting down with Anthony Street of CELTIC ILLUSION!

Looking to see a show combining high-energy dance, music, and magic all in one? Look no further than the show: CELTIC ILLUSION coming to Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre on March 3rd. Made for an audience of all ages, CELTIC ILLUSION highlights contemporary Irish dance while blowing the audience away with acts of magic and illusion. I had the pleasure of interviewing show creator, choreographer, and lead dancer of the show: Anthony Street.

1) Celtic Illusion combines Irish dance with magic and illusions, was it hard to pair these all together when creating the show?

Anthony: Not at all, this was the easy part! I have been doing magic since I was about 8 years old and have watched every single illusionist possible perform either live or on TV so, I'm extremely familiar with all the sort of effects possible. I have had a lot of inspiration from the best Illusionists around the world. A lot of the ideas I had for this show were sitting in my mind for a very long time. When it came down to it, it was already planned. I love being creative, that's the part I'm good at. It was the financial and business side of things that made producing this show the biggest challenge.

2) To follow up on the previous question, is there a storyline to the show? How is each number/illusion linked to one another?

Anthony: There is no particular story line to the show; it is more of a showcase of unique routines, each one completely different to the other. Even though there is no story, each routine still flows very well into each other. It has taken years to get the formula to work to a standard that I feel is solid. The show really focuses on the lead female dancer who enters the show in an exciting flash appearance. She takes the audience on a journey as they watch a connection grow between the male lead and female lead.

3) As the show creator, lead dancer, and choreographer, what was your main inspiration when creating and choreographing the dance numbers?

Anthony: I get my inspiration from all sorts of things and a lot of my ideas come to me when I'm listening to music in my car while driving. I find it hard to just go into a studio and start working on ideas. The ideas tend to come to me randomly and I save those ideas in the back of my head. Sometimes it could be a small piece of choreography for 4 bars. Then months later, I may end up finding the perfect spot to slot those 4 bars in somewhere. It is quite bizarre how my mind works.

4) How has the show changed since it first premiered in 2011?

Anthony: The show has evolved a lot since 2011. Some of the things that have changed are the order of the show, music, costumes, and illusions. I have been altering the show constantly over the years. Sometimes routines get taken out and then put back in. Its all about getting the right balance and flow for the audience. It can't just be fast paced constantly otherwise you wont get to enjoy it properly. The audience needs to experience all different emotions throughout the show, both highs and lows.

5) Why should people come to see Celtic Illusion? What can people look forward to when they come and see the show?

Anthony: Celtic Illusion is a high-energy, unique production that is entertaining for anyone. Weather you like dance or magic, there is something in the show for everyone both young and old. You will be left on the edge of your seat wanting more!

CELTIC ILLUSION is playing at the Orpheum Theatre on March 3rd. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster at

Photo Credit: Celtic Illusion, 2020


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