BWW Review: EVERY LITTLE NOOKIE at Stratford Festival has Humour and Heart
by Lauren Gienow - August 4, 2022

If you are a theatre-goer looking to venture outside your comfort zone, or if you often don’t feel seen or represented by the societal norms typically presented in modern theatre pieces – then Sunny Drake’s new play EVERY LITTLE NOOKIE might be exactly what you are looking for. That’s not to say that folks who don’t identify with either statement won’t also enjoy this play though. To read the production synopsis, you might expect an awkward comedy with hijinks galore, but what you will actually get (beyond it indeed being very funny), is a proudly queer play about human connection, found family, sexual awakenings, and very real and relatable struggles like co-parenting, illness and aging, and affordable housing. You will also witness delightful performances by this small yet mighty cast.

Stratford Festival Announces 2021 Outdoor Season Featuring Plays & Musical Cabarets Starring Canada's Top Talent
by Alan Henry - April 7, 2021

The Stratford Festival is transforming, for this summer, into an outdoor festival offering a season of six plays and five cabarets reflecting on the theme of Metamorphosis, with performances held under beautiful canopies that will hark back to the Festival’s founding under a tent in 1953.

Stratford Festival Plans for Summer Season in Two Outdoor Venues
by Chloe Rabinowitz - March 1, 2021

With an eye to summer performances, the Stratford Festival is planning a new Stratford experience, to be held in the open air, under two magnificent canopies, one at the Festival Theatre and one at the Tom Patterson Theatre.

BWW Review: The Stratford Festival Production of THE CRUCIBLE is Intense and Captivating Throughout
by Lauren Gienow - August 25, 2019

For the first time since 1975, the Stratford Festival is putting on a production of Arthur Miller's chilling 1953 play, THE CRUCIBLE. Directed by Jonathan Goad, this production maintains a thrilling level of intensity for its entire duration, keeping audiences in the Avon Theatre utterly captivated while simultaneously squirming at the challenging situation they are seeing on stage and the frightening fact that some of the most outlandish elements of the plot are far too relatable to what is going on in politics and society today.

BWW Review: The Stratford Festival's BIRDS OF A KIND is a Powerful Exploration of Identity
by Lauren Gienow - August 16, 2019

On Wednesday evening, a powerful and complex exploration of identity, generational trauma, and spirituality opened at the Stratford Festival's Studio Theatre. The English language premiere of Wajdi Mouawad's BIRDS OF A KIND (English Translation by Linda Gaboriau) provokes thought and emotion and is a great companion to NATHAN THE WISE, which opened at the same theatre earlier in the season and despite being very different tonally, shares many themes. Directed by Festival Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino, BIRDS OF A KIND begins as a story of two almost unknowingly star crossed lovers and morphs into a tale about members of a family each struggling to honour their perceived identities and religions in their own ways.

Stratford Festival 2020 Announces 15 Plays, A New Theatre, and More
by Stephi Wild - August 13, 2019

Colm Feore will utter the first words on the Stratford Festival's newest stage, an echo of the inaugural performance in 1953, when Alec Guinness's opening speech in Richard III anticipated the a?oeglorious summera?? that was to come for Stratford. Feore, an internationally acclaimed stage and screen actor, is just one of a diverse company of accomplished actors who will present a repertory season of 15 productions in four remarkable theatres.

Review Roundup: BILLY ELLIOT at the Stratford Festival; What Did The Critics Think?
by Alan Henry - May 30, 2019

Donna Feore's gritty new take on Billy Elliot the Musical, the Tony Award-winning blockbuster musical from Lee Hall and Elton John, is now on stage at the Stratford Fesitval. The production officially opens on Tuesday, May 28, at the Festival Theatre.

Exclusive Video: Watch 'Skid Row' From Stratford's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS
by Alan Henry - May 22, 2019

BroadwayWorld has a first look at The Stratford Festival's Little Shop of Horrors. The production is currently in previews and opens on Friday, May 31. 

Exclusive Video: Get A First Look At BILLY ELLIOT at the Stratford Festival
by Alan Henry - May 17, 2019

Donna Feore's gritty new take on Billy Elliot the Musical, the Tony Award-winning blockbuster musical from Lee Hall and Elton John, is now on stage at the Stratford Fesitval. The production officially opens on Tuesday, May 28, at the Festival Theatre.

BILLY ELLIOT, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and More Announced For Stratford Festival's 2019 Season
by Alan Henry - August 17, 2018

Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino is pleased to announce the playbill for the 2019 season. Featuring 12 productions, it's built around a theme of Breaking Boundaries, which will also be explored through more than 150 thought-provoking and entertaining events at the Forum.

Stratford's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Extended For Two More Weeks
by Julie Musbach - June 29, 2018

The antici…pation is over! The Rocky Horror Show is being extended for two more weeks at the Stratford Festival. It will now run until November 11.

Robert Lepage's Genre-Defying Production Of CORIOLANUS Hits The Stage In Stratford
by Julie Musbach - June 8, 2018

Robert Lepage makes a thrilling Stratford Festival debut with Shakespeare's Coriolanus, featuring Andre Sills in the title role. Created in collaboration with Ex Machina, the production begins previews this Saturday, June 9, at the Avon Theatre, and runs until October 20, marking its official opening on June 22.

Stratford Festival Hosts World Premiere of BRONTË: THE WORLD WITHOUT NOW On Stage
by Julie Musbach - June 6, 2018

The Stratford Festival presents the world premiere of Bronte: The World Without, Jordi Mand's engrossing new play about the famous literary sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte. Directed by Vanessa Porteous, and featuring Beryl Bain, Jessica B. Hill and Andrea Rankin, the production begins previews today at the Studio Theatre.

Stephen Greenblatt to Appear In Conversation With Antoni Cimolino
by Julie Musbach - May 25, 2018

Stephen Greenblatt, one of the world's most popular and celebrated Shakespeare scholars, is making a special stop at the Stratford Festival on June 1 to discuss Shakespeare, politics and his newly released book, Tyrant, with Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino, in an event moderated by Paul Kennedy, host of CBC Radio's Ideas.

Stratford Festival's Opening Week Begins Monday
by Stephi Wild - May 25, 2018

The Stratford Festival's 66th season opens officially on Monday, May 28, with Shakespeare's final masterpiece, The Tempest, featuring Martha Henry as Prospero.

Exclusive: Get A First Look At Stratford's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW
by Alan Henry - May 21, 2018

A jolt of pure energy is pulsating through the Avon Theatre in Stratford as an electrifying production of Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show hits the stage for the first time. BroadwayWorld has an exclusive first look at the production below!

Exclusive: Get A First Look At Stratford's THE MUSIC MAN
by Alan Henry - May 18, 2018

The Stratford Festival's 66th season is off to an exhilarating start with Meredith Willson's Tony Award-winning musical comedy The Music Man. BroadwayWorld has an exclusive first look at the production in the video below!

Exclusive Video: Get A First Look At Stratford's GUYS AND DOLLS
by Alan Henry - May 15, 2017

BroadwayWorld has an exclusive first look at The Stratford Festival's production of GUYS AND DOLLS directed by Donna Feore. Check out the extended 'Crapshooters' dance sequence below, featuring a 19 piece orchestra playing the 1992 Broadway revival orchestrations for the first time ever since that production.

BWW Preview: NIRWATA, a Musical
by Albertus Raynaldi - September 8, 2016

The Indonesian Community in Nanyang Technology University (ICN), is bringing Bali, the Tropical Island of Gods to Singapore through an exceptional musical called 'Nirwata'.

Road to Opening Week 11: Cynthia Dale On Rehearsals for A Little Night Music
by Guest Blogger: Cynthia Dale - June 20, 2016

It's about previews….......….. It's about knowing that these days are golden. It's about staying focused. It's about just doing the work. It's about aiming for clarity.

Road to Opening Week 16: Matt Armet on Opening A CHORUS LINE in Stratford
by Guest Blogger: Matt Armet - June 8, 2016

PSYCH! Fooled ya! They asked me to write one more blog. I couldn't leave you all hanging off the cliff like that after last week's blog heading into Opening Night, so I'm back to tell you all about what happened last Tuesday when "finally, the big day came" - Val.  

TV Exclusive: Watch 'The Miller's Son' from Stratford's A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC
by Alan Henry - June 6, 2016

BroadwayWorld has an exclusive first look at The Stratford Festival's new production of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. In this clip, Sara Farb performs 'The Miller's Son.'

Road to Opening Week 10: Cynthia Dale On Rehearsals for A Little Night Music
by Guest Blogger: Cynthia Dale - May 30, 2016

Listening to Franklin Brasz lead the orchestra, hearing the incredible voices in the Quintet of Sean Arbuckle, Jen Rider-Shaw, Barbara Fulton, Stephen Patterson and Ayrin Mackie start off the show, I was especially aware of the joy in my tears.

Road to Opening Week 15: Matt Armet on Opening Week at A CHORUS LINE in Stratford
by Guest Blogger: Matt Armet - May 30, 2016

All I want to be is just happy.' It's one of Bobby's lines in the final scene of the show. I actually think that I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. I'm doing a fantastic version of my favourite show on my favourite stage in the country with some of my favourite people in the world. (Ok, the teen burger, fries and root beer I'm currently eating after finishing our last onstage rehearsal is probably helping, and so will the ice cream cake that's going to follow! But that's beside the point.) This whole journey has been incredible: from the auditions, to booking the job, to the first day of rehearsal, and all of the blood, sweat and tears in between. I would not change it for the world.

Road to Opening Week 14: Matt Armet on 1 Weeks to A CHORUS LINE at Stratford
by Guest Blogger: Matt Armet - May 25, 2016

How did we get here already? I'm exhausted! But it's the best kind of exhaustion. I wouldn't have it any other way. We've been having a very busy week. Between A Chorus Line and the other shows we are crossed into, we've all had a preview or dress rehearsal plus a four hour rehearsal call every day this week. We can see the finish line of Opening Week. We are so close!

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