Previews: WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT at American Stage (in Multiple Locations)

A different actor takes to the stage to perform, armed with a script they've never seen before.

By: Sep. 27, 2023
Previews: WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT at American Stage (in Multiple Locations)

Prepare to embark on a theatrical journey as American Stage presents "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" by Nassim Soleimanpour from November 2nd to 19th, 2023. In this unique production, the boundaries of traditional theater are pushed to the limit, and every performance is an unforgettable new experience.

What sets "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" apart from your typical theater production? It's a daring, absurdist adventure each night of the show. Starring Dylan Barlowe, Gavin Hawk, Mona Lim, David Jenkins, Anthony Gervais, Georgia Mallory Guy, Fanni Green, Ivy Sunflower, Tito Mercado, John Millsap, Beth Gelman, Lance Markeith, Gabriel Ortiz, Andrida Hosey, and Travis Ray, every night, a different actor takes to the stage to perform, armed with a script they've never seen before. No rehearsals, prior knowledge, or second chances. It's a true test of an actor's talent and creativity.

Actor Tito Mercado was excited to accept the challenge of "White Rabbit Red Rabbit." When asked about his initial reaction to this unique opportunity, he shared, "So, for this particular production, I was surprised to find out that we would be doing a cold read for such a profound set piece. The funny part is the casting director told me not to research the production at all. I immediately knew that it would get me out of my comfort zone. Despite that, I am eager to take on the challenge and grow as an actor."

Imagine the thrill of witnessing an actor stepping onto the stage with a script they are performing for the first time on stage, a character they've never met, and a story they've never heard. The result is a rollercoaster of emotions, from the emotionally vulnerable moments to the uproarious laughter that can erupt at any time.

Mercado shares his perspective on this unique preparation process: "The answer is that I can't prepare for something like this. I would just have to trust in my abilities as an actor. Since this is a cold read, I will mainly focus on staying in character. That's what I do with productions that I have prepared for. Stay. In. Character. Most importantly, focus on having fun."

"White Rabbit Red Rabbit" has no do-overs, repeats, or encores. Each performance is a unique and unrepeatable work of art, a testament to the talent and courage of the actors who take on this challenge.

"White Rabbit Red Rabbit" is a journey into the unknown, where every night holds endless possibilities. When asked who should come to see this show, Mercado had a clear message: "People who appreciate theatre as an art. As a vessel for displaying the world around us. Not necessarily as entertainment."

Mark your calendars for November 2nd to 19th, 2023. Each night, a different actor will take the stage, armed with courage, trust in their abilities, and the thrill of the unknown.

Times and Prices:

The Savant on 2nd - 634 2nd Ave. South St Petersburg, FL 33701
Nov. 2nd, 7PM - Dylan Barlowe
Nov. 3rd, 7PM - Gavin Hawk


USF Tampa Theatre Centre - 3837 USF Holly Drive, Tampa FL 33620
Nov. 4th, 2PM - Mona Lim
Nov. 4th, 7PM - David Jenkins
Nov 5th, 2PM - Anthony Gervais


Historic Bethel AME - 912 3rd Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Nov. 9th, 7PM - Georgia Mallory Guy
Nov 10th, 7PM - Fanni Green

The Factory,  2622 Fairfield Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Nov. 11th, 2PM- Ivy Sunflower

Nov. 11th, 7PM - Tito Mercado

Nov. 12th, 2PM - John Millsap

WADA ArtsXchange - 515 22nd Street South, St Petersburg, FL 33712

Nov. 16th, 7PM - Beth Gelman

Nov 17th, 7PM - Lance Markeith

The Woodson - 2240 9th Ave South, St Petersburg, FL 33712

Nov. 18th, 2PM - Gabriel Ortiz

Nov. 18th, 7PM -  Andrida Hosey

Nov. 19th, 2PM - Travis Ray

 All performances are $30 General Admission. Click Here

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