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BWW REVIEW: Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On FRONTERA

BWW REVIEW: Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On FRONTERA BWW REVIEW: Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On FRONTERA

FRONTERA is the latest work by ANIMALS OF DISTINCTION (AOD), part of SYD FEST 2020 program.AOD is Dana Gingras' dance company that presents multimedia works with a strong aesthetic .

At the centre of this group's work " is a belief that we can obtain critical knowledge from engaging with the physical and emotional risks inherent to dance and movement. It is through the body and choreography that this element of risk can reemployed to explore a vision of the world that is later than our individual isolated experiences. The goal is to stimulate audiences to become more aware of the elements of complexity, connectivity and complicity within our physical, social and emotional lives."
FRONTERA is a collaboration with visual concept and scenography by United Visual Artists, live music by FLY PAN AM, recordings by DAVE BRYANT and costumes by SANDRA RICHEFORT with technical work by JEAN-FRANCOIS PICHE and YANN DUPUIS.
As the audience enters the auditorium, the vast black chasm sits patiently in front. Accompanied by a wilderness soundscape and interview excerpts "life is worthless".
With a enticing and graciously slow fade down, the audience is encased in the mise en scene of the night.
Dancers in everyday, street clothes explore their boundaries and borders. Their movements exploring spaces, confined by physical and political constructs. With Caution, anxiety and fear they face the myriad of borders - boundaries that are defined by architectural structures, by self imposed concepts, by sovereign control.
A row of bars/light beams define a border that challenges them.
Searchlights hound and chase them.
A intense line of light seems to scan and threaten them.
BWW REVIEW: Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On FRONTERA
For me the joy of dance is it's universal language of emotion. A concept, a thought,a feeling, an action or an intention is portrayed through the passion-ed use of the body.
The audience feels the intent.
Gringras' choreography has a commanding use of this language. In some scenes, moves that appear so random have precise placements when in sync with the troupe and the visual elements of the night. Frantic steps are accompanied by extraordinary feats of physical ability.
With finesse, the dancers explore this universal language in their individual story telling and then in instant unison with the group.
FRONTERA becomes an event to experience. It goes beyond watching a professional company present it's latest offering.
Their emotive language is expanded on by it's synchronicity with the multimedia elements.
The striking visual feast designed by United Visual Artists is a cinematic success. A piece of art that is triumphant to behold. It's true strength is it's inventive melding with the choreography.
FLY PAN AM's live music of experimental rock is the perfect choice to enhance the event, that is, of a night of experience. The manic, deep and body pounding beats intensify the essence of constructed borders and boundaries. The sublimely crafted notes and rhythms entangled one into the essence of the moment.
Mention must also go to Richefort's costuming. These subtle choices work perfectly with elements of the piece. The clever way the clothes work with the lighting is superb.
This synchronicity of this collaborative piece is remarkable. It's a visual spectacle, a rock music engagement and a dance feast.
Not a show to watch but a performance to experience.
BWW REVIEW: Guest Reviewer Kym Vaitiekus Shares His Thoughts On FRONTERA

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