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Let's Kill Agatha Christie show poster

Let's Kill Agatha Christie at Genesian Theatre Company

Dates: (5/3/2024 - 6/8/2024 )


Genesian Theatre Company

Genesian Theatre Company

420 Kent Street, Sydney
Sydney,New South Wales 2000

Phone: 1300 237 217

Tickets: $35/$30

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  3. Let's Kill Agatha Christie

Written by Anthony Hinds
Directed by Gregory George

Author Prudence Sykes is desperate for a literary hit. So desperate, in fact, she’s willing to die for one. With the help of her assistant, Angela, and her reluctant house staff, Prudence sets in motion a plot to do herself in. But which of Prudence’s sworn enemies will take the bait? Could it be Sir Frederick Belting, the self-made millionaire? Perhaps the fading film star, John Harvey-Miles? Or maybe hard-boiled investigative journalist Marjory Field? This hilarious take on the classic “Christie” murder mystery genre will have you guessing (and giggling) to the very end.

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Genesian Theatre Company is at 420 Kent Street, Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales.


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