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Student Blog: College Survival Guide

Five “survival tools” to help you through the ups and downs of college

Student Blog: College Survival Guide Finding different tools to help you cope with a hectic schedule, specifically in college, can seem nearly impossible. Here is a list of five things that I am personally trying to implement more into my busy college life, and that could potentially help you too.

1. Keeping a schedule and developing good time management skills can be difficult, but the trick is to find what method(s) works for you. A couple good ways to keep a schedule is to use Notion, which is free to make an account. The app is helpful to make to do lists, scheduling, classes, and more! You can also keep a schedule by using the already available calendar app on your phone. But, the method that I personally use is to keep a traditional physical planner and it has worked well for me. Also, when you study try using different study techniques such as the pomodoro method where you study for twenty to twenty-five minutes and then take a short five minute break in between.

2. Finding time for friends! Finding time to hang out with your friends can be difficult, especially as a theatre student with classes, rehearsals, homework, and even mainting a job on top of all of that. Trying to make time outside of already scheduled events is an important way to grow friendships during these formative years.

3. Learning how to say no! This is one that I have a difficult time with. I always feel as though I should say yes to help people, but learning to step back and kindly say no is important too.

4. Be engaged in your classes, not just showing up but by asking questions, especially with your major classes. Showing genuine interest, asking questions, go to professor's office hours can help you not just potentially get a good grade in a class, but to help you in your future with the knowledge that actually cared about learning. This is your education, so find what you are passionate about and what you want to learn more about and go for it!

5. This tip goes with the previous one, but using the resources on campus will definitely help you academically. The tutoring services, writing center, and other academic services that your college may offer are good ways to boost that grade. Using these services have helped me in my classes and have made me less stressed, especially with my class, work, and rehearsal schedules.

Finding different ways to help yourself not feel as stressed may seem sometimes overwhelming, but when you find the tools that help you, you are all set! I am always learning what works and doesn't work for me. And can even depend on what works from semester to semester because of the different classes and shows I am involved in, so what is working for me this semester may or may not work for me next semester. But, in the end, you have to find what works for you! You got this!

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