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Student Blog: To BFA, or Not to BFA

What is the difference between a BA and a BFA in theatre?

Student Blog: To BFA, or Not to BFA As theatre students, we all probably thought about (or are actively thinking about) whether or not to get a BA ( Bachelor of Arts) or a BFA (Bachelors of FIne Arts) in theatre. Typically a BFA in theatre is a degree that is focused on a specific aspect like musical theatre or stage management, and a BA is more generalized and it can allow you to explore both sides of theatre.

Neither of these degrees are better or worse than the other. It really has to do with what you are wanting to do in the theatre. And I would say if you don't know what you want to do specifically than a BA in theatre can help you gain skills in all sorts of areas in the art of theatre, from performing to the technical side. It is honestly important for performers as well to gain knowledge about the tech side.

I am currently a BA student at this moment but I am thinking about potentially changing to a BFA in theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management. For me, gaining more experience in a specific area would allow me to learn more about stage management and the tech side of theatre more closely.

From what I have noticed, I think that sometimes we can see those with a BFA in musical theatre (as an example), as somehow knowing more, but at the end of the day the title of the degree doesn't matter but what you have learned and applied in your life is what truely does. So, choosing "what kind" of theatre degree is not as crucial as maybe you once thought, do you what you love, and for some a BA allows for that and for others a BFA does. Find what is right for you!

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