Gone with the Wind

Based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell


Scarlett O'Hara, a beautiful 16-year-old born on the Tara estate in Atlanta, cheerfully awaits Mayday when the youths of the area get together. She is love with their neighbour, Ashley Wilkes, whom she has known since childhood, and believes she will marry him one day.

Mayday comes and it transpires that Ashley is due to marry his cousin, Melanie Hamilton. In the library Scarlett begs Ashley to marry her and offers her lips for a kiss, but Ashley kisses her on the forehead, like a little girl. Insulted, Scarlett slaps Ashley across the face. Sitting in unassumingly in the library, Rhett Butler, a guest to the party, accidentally witnesses the scene and immediately falls in love with the girl.

The Mayday party continues, soldiers arrive to recruit men: war has broken out between North and South. The girls quickly choose a husband, not wishing to remain maids. Scarlett decides to marry Melanie's brother Charles, and so a double wedding is held where Ashley takes Melanie's hand. The men are called up. News comes of Charles who is among the first to be killed in the war. In mourning, Scarlett sets off to visit Aunt Pittypat in Atlanta, where Melanie also lives. A charity ball is being held in the town, raising money for the relatives of wounded soldiers. Butler, too, makes a donation and notices Scarlett in black, still beautiful as ever. He asks her for a dance, creating quite a stir.

Scarlett, Melanie and Aunt Pittypatt are expecting Ashley home for Christmas. Scarlett finds it hard that Ashley comes home not to her, but to Melanie. She helps with the sick and dying soldiers in the hospital. Ashley returns to the war and entrusts Melanie to her. Scarlett is under immense pressure. She sends for Butler in the tavern to help them escape from Atlanta to Tara. Butler accompanies them and on the way he confesses he is in live with her, and goes back to the war. Scarlett reaches Tara with Melanie, who is very ill, and her baby. They are awaited by her widowed, shattered father.


Their food supplies looted in the war, Scarlet struggles to support her sick father and to help Tara survive. The bailiff comes, but they cannot pay up. Scarlett and later her father chase off the auctioneers, but in the scuffle her father dies. In the meantime Ashley turns up, having lost everything in the war, and he hides at Tara with Melanie. He tussles between the two women he loves, Melanie and Scarlett. Scarlett tries to bind Ashley to herself. Sewing a dress from a velvet curtain, she travels to Atlanta to raise money for rescuing Tara. She visits Butler in prison, but he has none to give. Scarlett offers herself to him-which he refuses: he wants Scarlett's love! She leaves the prison and in the streets of Atlanta she bumps into Mr Kennedy, her younger sister's fiancé. Realising he has become rich, she seduces him and marries him to save Tara with his fortune. Butler is very upset about this-again, he has missed the opportunity.

A clever trader, Scarlett hires slaves and with Melanie's help she asks Ashley to come to Atlanta to manage the saw mill. She visits him often, and on one such occasion she is attacked by three prisoners. Sam, their old servant passes by and saves her. Mr Kennedy, Butler and Ashley and a band of policemen form a search party to seek out the prisoners, but a stray bullet kills Mr Kennedy, widowing Scarlett once more. Full of remorse, when Butler turns up and proposes, she says yes.


In Butler's beautiful palace, Scarlett has everything a woman can ask for, yet she is unhappy. She years for Ashley. She is delighted by the birth of their child, Bonny, but not wanting another baby, she bans Butler from her bedchamber. A jealous Butler turns to drink, attacks her wife returning from a visit to Ashley at the saw mill, and rapes her. Scarlett refuses to admit to Butler she is, for the first time in her life happy. Butler visits his old lover Belle Watling, but she drives him off. At home Scarlett, expecting a baby, awaits him, and for the first time he is happy. Butler bitterly asks her who the child's father is. Scarlett tries to slap him, but in the process she loses her balance and falls down the stairs. Butler reproaches himself for the incident. Their little girl Bonny keeps together their very fragile marriage. Butler throws a huge party to celebrate her birthday. All the town notabilities are invited. Bonny is given riding gear and a pony for her birthday. At the end of the ball, Mammy brings in the dead Bonny who has fallen from her horse. Butler refuses to acknowledge the death of his daughter, the sick Melanie tries to help, but she, too is very frail.

Melanie is dying, and the exasperate Ashley is consoled by Scarlett. Butler misinterprets the situation and slams the door on the. Scarlett realises that Ashley has only ever yearned for her as a woman, but was really always in love with Melanie; Butler, whom she might truly have loved, she proceeds to lose. She hurries home and meets Butler who is about to leave. The sun rises and the only hope Scarlett has is that they may still meet sometime.


Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

(London, )
Catherine Street London WC2B 5JB
by BWW News Desk - Sep 4, 2019
Pacific Opera Project (POP) announces its 2020 season productions, marking the company's 10th anniversary season of accessible, affordable, and entertaining opera curated by Artistic Director Josh Shaw. Having produced its first show in July 2011, POP's most recent production, The Mikado, was the company's 35th production to date, totaling 29 different operas at 12 venues. In just the past two years, POP's live streams have garnered over 155,000 views.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 25, 2019
Alfred Uhry's The Last Night of Ballyhoo will be the first play of The Heights Player's 64th Season with performances October 4-13th at The John Bourne Theatre: 26 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 23, 2019
Tony-nominated and Olivier Award-winning actress Jenna Russell (EastEnders and Sunday in the Park with George) will be taking to the stage in Piaf in May 2020. She will bring to life the sensational, world-renowned Edith Piaf, whose most famous songs include La Vie en Rose and Je Ne Regrette Rien. Pam Gems' play explores the extraordinary life led by Piaf a?" from singing in the streets to becoming one of France's biggest international stars.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 18, 2019
The record-setting Broadway sensation, Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical today confirms casting for its Cardiff run at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff from Wednesday 20th a?' Sunday 24th November 2019 and it's Christmas season at The Lowry opening on Tuesday 10 December 2019 and running through until Sunday 5 January 2020. Comedy legend Griff Rhys Jones will star as Old Max, alongside X-Factor winner Matt Terry as Young Max and Edward Baker-Duly as the world-famous mischief maker, The Grinch.
by BWW News Desk - Oct 28, 2019
ShPIeL Performing Identity has released an updated schedule for TEATRON: Chicago's Jewish Theatre Festival, to be held from Sunday, November 3 - Sunday, November 10, 2019, with most events at Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago.
by BWW News Desk - Oct 24, 2019
The Duluth Playhouse rings in the holiday season with the beloved family adventure musical that is also celebrating the 80th anniversary of its feature film, The Wizard of Oz. It plays in the NorShor Theatre from December 5-22, 2019, and is directed by guest artist, Joe Chvala (who also directed last year's Beauty and the Beast).
by Mary Lincer - Oct 20, 2019
So much theatre nowadays derives from other media, for better or worse. It can be fun to watch teacups dance and phantoms pilot gondolas, but all mermaids do not get creatively adapted equally. Fortunately Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Live depends on its hybrid nature: the fun of it comes from the fact that it's salad. Once a TV show that combined bad movies with snarky comedy, now at the National Theatre, it's still bad movies and comic takedowns of them, but also people, bots (er, puppets), songs, and sketches.
by BWW News Desk - Oct 2, 2019
ShPIeL Performing Identity a?" a theatre and performance incubator and producer based jointly in Chicago and Louisville, Kentucky a?" will present TEATRON: Chicago's Jewish Theatre Festival from Sunday, November 3 a?" Sunday, November 10, 2019 at Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. The eight-day festival dedicated to Jewish theatre, the first-ever in Chicago, will be presented in conjunction with and will overlap the annual Alliance for Jewish Theatre Conference, hosted by ShPIeL at Victory Gardens Theater and The Theatre School at DePaul University from November 1-3, 2019. (FOR CONFERENCE REGISTRATION AND SCHEDULE visit alljewishtheatre.org). ShPIeL Producing Artistic Director David Y. Chack today announced the festival lineup, which will include staged readings, solo performances, storytelling, cabaret, and comedy.
by TV News Desk - Nov 26, 2019
Julien's Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house, has announced its star-studded event ICONS & IDOLS: HOLLYWOOD to take place on December 16, 2019 at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills and live online at juliensauctions.com. This year end extravaganza offers over 400 items taken out of the vault and production archives of Hollywood's greatest films from the Golden Age of Hollywood to today's modern and new box office classics as well as important artifacts, rarely seen or coming to the auction block for the first time.
by BWW News Desk - May 9, 2019
LUMBERYARD Center for Film and Performing Arts's summer 2019 season will bring some of New York City's most exciting artists to the organization's state-of-the-art Hudson Valley facility, built just 101 miles from Manhattan to provide a crucial lifeline for the performing arts ecosystem. New American work and the institutions built to present it in NYC are more technologically advanced than ever before; however, there is a critical gap in the system, as artists can no longer transition from studio to theater with only a few days of technical rehearsal, and NYC presenters can't afford to close their doors for extended technical rehearsals.
by BWW News Desk - May 6, 2019
Kick Boom Theater Company launches its inaugural production Scarlett Fever, created and directed by John Wuchte. Original music by John Wuchte and award-winning composer Michael Teoli.
by Marianka Swain - May 27, 2019
Actor, playwright and cabaret entertainer Charles Busch's work includes Die Mommie Die, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, Psycho Beach Party and The Tale of the Allergist's Wife. He's returning to London's Live at Zedel in June with his new show Native New Yorker.
by BWW News Desk - May 23, 2019
Official winner of the Hollywood Fringe Scholarship Award and now on at the 2019 Dallas Solo Festival - Who You Calling A Bitch?!? Is the solo reverie of a young African-American actress as she navigates her identity through iconic African-American characters and entertainers in black history.
by Peter Nason - May 11, 2019
It's like 'Sesame Street' meets 'Rent,' with more than a dash of 'Book of Mormon' humor thrown in for good measure.
by Andrea Stephenson - May 11, 2019
The Last Night of Ballyhoo was first performed at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre and found its way to the Broadway stage in 1997 at the Helen Hayes Theatre. Written by Alfred Uhry, The Last Night of Ballyhoo takes place in 1939 in the home of Adolph Freitag in Atlanta, Georgia. The play explores themes of identity, prejudice, and inter-Jewish racism through the lives of Adolph and his sister Beulah 'Boo' Levy, their sister-in-law Reba Freitag, cousins Lala Levy (Beulah's daughter) and Sunny Freitag (Reba's daughter), and two young men-Joe Farkas from New York and Peachy Weil of the Louisana Weils. Oyster Mill Playhouse takes on this deep yet humorous play through May 12th.
by Shari Barrett - Jun 24, 2019
In 1936, producer David O. Selznick began a 2-year search to find an unknown to play Scarlett O'Hara in his soon-to-be film masterpiece Gone with the Wind. At this year's Hollywood Fringe Festival, Kick Boom Theater Company is re-telling the (mostly true) story in its inaugural production of the innovative and totally entertaining SCARLETT FEVER, created and directedchoreographed by John Wuchte, with original music by John Wuchte and award-winning composer Michael Teoli which adds percussive accompaniment as a perfect complement to Wuchte's signature Tribal Acting style.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 17, 2019
Legendary film composer John Williams conducts a brand-new album of many of his beloved movie themes in stunning new adaptations written especially for his superstar violinist friend and collaborator Anne-Sophie Mutter. Recorded in Hollywood, Across the Stars will be released on 30 August on Deutsche Grammophon and includes familiar themes from blockbuster films including Star Wars and Harry Potter, as never heard before.
by Jesse Griffith - Jun 17, 2019
BWW Review: Irish eyes are smiling at OUTSIDE MULLINGAR
by BWW News Desk - Jun 14, 2019
Julien's Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house, held its two-day marquee Hollywood auction event, LEGENDS June 13-14, 2019 at The Standard Oil Building in Beverly Hills in front of a buzzing crowd of collectors and fans bidding live on the floor, online and on the phone across the globe.
by Sarah Hookey - Jun 11, 2019
Riverbank Theatre presents Moonlight and Magnolias, written by Ron Hutchinson and directed by Brittany Everitt Smith. Moonlight and Magnolias will open on Friday, June 14th at The Snug Theatre located at 160 S. Water Street in downtown Marine City.
by Craig Richardson - Jun 10, 2019
Wichita, Kansas. Population of 390, 591 and home to the top 40th outdoor celebrations in the world, The Wichita River Festival, now in its 46th year. If you've never been to River Fest, then you have missed out on hearing the Wichita Symphony Orchestra Pops Concert, or having breakfast with the Admiral, or a stellar firework show under a Kansas sky, or even the axe throwing Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show. That's right. Nothing says 'good old Midwest' like pronto pups and lumberjacks. And if you don't want to have anything to do with the crowds, then visit Mosley Street Melodrama for their current production of Gone with the Windwagon, a spoof on both the Wichita River Festival and the second most favorited novel next to the Bible, Gone with the Wind. Written by Carol Hughes and Directed by Cindy Summers, this melodrama plays every weekend from now until July 13th.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 10, 2019
The Menier Chocolate Factory today announces the full company for the UK premiere of the musical of Robert James Waller's bestselling novel The Bridges of Madison County in a new staging by Trevor Nunn.
by David Edward Perry - Jun 10, 2019
Reaching for the American dream while adjusting to living under prejudice is exposed by Alfred Uhry's 'The Last Night of Ballyhoo' at South City Theatre. This Tony award winning play is a touching, relatable, and revealing look at the cost of acceptance. The story peels back the layers to expose the complicated dynamics of a Jewish American family living in Atlanta in the 1930's.
by Stage Tube - Jul 9, 2019
Japanese superstar Ryoko Yonekura has recorded a new audio track of the Kander and Ebb classic "Roxie" to be released worldwide July 26, 2019 via Sony Masterworks Broadway.  The release coincides with Ms. Yonekura's current role in the Tony Award-winning, record-breaking hit musical Chicago, where she stars as the iconic Roxie Hart for a special run of performances on Broadway
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 23, 2019
Canadian Triple BroadwayWorld award-winner REBECCA PERRY, loved for her Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl shows will be diving all-singing and all-dancing into the Golden Age of Hollywood with FROM JUDY TO BETTE: THE STARS OF OLD HOLLYWOOD, at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Embodying a host of convention-breaking female megastars, the show is powerful love song to the stage presence and real-life chutzpah of these formidable women. 
by BWW News Desk - Jul 2, 2019
Japanese superstar Ryoko Yonekura returned to Broadway's CHICAGO last night for a two week stint through July 14th.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 2, 2019
Profiles in History announces the grand entrance from Tara, The O'Hara Plantation in Gone With The Wind sold for $120,000. 
by Stan Jenson - Jul 17, 2019
When I hear the term "Summer Camp," I have an idyllic vision of canoes on a lake, arts and crafts (I was a whiz at braiding lanyards), and sappy songs around a campfire. That vision, as Margaret once said, is "gone with the wind." Today's youth want to have a good time exploring more relevant skills such as acting, singing and dancing. This month, the Valley's largest theatre camp, KidsWorks in Indio, will be performing three different shows. It looks like they are worthy of our attention.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 15, 2019
Royal & Derngate and English Touring Theatre today announce the full cast for Nancy Medina's production of August Wilson's Two Trains Running. Medina directs Geoff Aymer (West), Ray Emmet Brown (Wolf), Derek Ezenagu (Hambone), Andrew French (Memphis), Leon Herbert (Holloway), Michael Salami (Sterling) and Anita-Joy Uwajeh (Risa). The production opens at Royal & Derngate Northampton on 4 September, with previews from 31 August and runs until 14 September before embarking on a UK tour to Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Oxford Playhouse, Cast Doncaster, New Wolsey Theatre, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and Derby Theatre.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 8, 2020
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra will be joined by much-loved Australian media personality Osher Günsberg in A Valentine's to Remember at the Sydney Town Hall (14-15 February). 
by BWW News Desk - Jan 30, 2020
Tennessee Shakespeare Company presents its annual Southern Literary Salon featuring two celebrated female authors reflecting America at the same time in stark contrasts: Margaret Mitchell (Georgia) and Zora Neale Hurston (Alabama). The event is Sunday, Feb. 23 on TSC's Owen and Margaret Wellford Tabor Stage, located at 7950 Trinity Road in Memphis.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 29, 2020
Penobscot Theatre Company, the northeastern most professional regional theatre company in the country, is proud to have called the Historic Bangor Opera House their home since 1997. The company will mark the occasion of the building's 100th anniversary by hosting a 'Jubilee' gala. The event will take place on Saturday, February 29th at 5pm.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 29, 2020
The cast of Nottingham Playhouse's upcoming hysterical comedy Moonlight and Magnolias has been revealed - and it includes Coronation Street and EastEnders star Joe Alessi.
by BWW News Desk - Jan 10, 2020
Stop and think about one of favorite movies - the story, characters, the settings. It won't be long before you start humming a few bars from the musical score.
by BWW News Desk - Feb 4, 2020
The professional regional premiere of the musical ONCE ON THIS ISLAND opens at PIONEER THEATRE COMPANY (PTC) on FEBRUARY 21, 2020 and runs through MARCH 7, 2020. Tickets for this production can be purchased by calling 801-581-6961 or by visiting pioneertheatre.org.
by BWW News Desk - Feb 25, 2020
Pianist Anne-Marie McDermott celebrates 10 seasons as Artistic Director in a summer that includes Yuja Wang playing three different piano concertos; premieres of commissioned works by Caroline Shaw, Mason Bates and Chris Rogerson; highly anticipated returns to Vail by Music Directors Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Jaap van Zweden; plus performances by Pinchas Zukerman, Edgar Meyer, Gil Shaham, Kelli O'Hara, Conrad Tao and Dover Quartet
by Drew Eberhard - Feb 23, 2020
Topher Payne's witty, smart, and sharply fine-tuned work Morningside gives an ingenious glimpse into the lives of eight women some friends, but mostly family. Grounded deep in Southern Pride, heartfelt lessons, and the idea that above all family is what matters most proves to be the heart of this side-splitting a?oemother of all baby showers.a?? In 2015 Topher Payne was interviewed for Backstage Magazine where he described his writing style by saying, a?oeIf you can make someone laugh, they listen. And they lean in and they want to hear more. And once you have that level of engagement, then you can start layering in a message that you want them to take away. You can do that in film. You can do that in a book. But the act of being in the same room with the storyteller is just fundamentally different. It lands differently.a?? The cast, crew and entire company making up the ensemble of Morningside should be exceptionally proud of the work that was shown onstage; for the a?oeMother of all Baby Showers,a?? turned out to be one of the finest displays of ensemble acting to come from one company of outstanding actresses. Everyone in the audience and the Tampa theatre community respectively didn't quite know but over the course of two-hours found this to not be the show they wanted but to be the show they needed.
by BWW News Desk - Feb 11, 2020
Pacific Opera Project (POP) will continue its 10th Anniversary Season with a revival of its wildly popular 2012 Gone with the Wind-inspired production of Mozart's Così fan tutte on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 7pm; Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 3pm; Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 8pm; Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 7pm; and Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 3pm at the El Portal Theatre.
by TV News Desk - Dec 4, 2019
Profiles in History is proud to announce Hollywood: A Collector's Random, an auction set for December 17th, 18th and 19th in Los Angeles. From Hollywood historians to blockbuster chasers, there will be truly something for everyone at the biggest Hollywood auction of the year!
by BWW News Desk - Dec 18, 2019
Grand Rapids Symphony has announced its events for January 2020.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 8, 2019
 Tennessee Shakespeare Company, founded in Memphis and led by Producing Artistic Director Dan McCleary, announced its 2019-20 performance season. Titled a?oeDiscover to Yourself,a?? the 12th season is the professional Actors' Equity Association theater company's largest yet.
by Monica Moore - Aug 3, 2019
The manic physical shtick is perfectly delivered and both director and cast have hit the mark. This is not easy to achieve particularly within a static set but it is so well delivered that we were mesmerised and fully into all the goings-on. The laughs were hearty and came in the right places and the more I noticed each character's actions the more I laughed.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 15, 2019
J's Cultural Arts Theatre/JCAT Pro is proud to present Alfred Uhry's DRIVING MISS DAISY, the opening production of JCAT's 13th season in the Alan & Diane Lieberman Theater of the Feldenkreis/Hanono Cultural Center at the Michael-Ann Russell JCC/Sanford L. Ziff Campus in North Miami Beach, Florida. Running from September 4-22, 2019, DRIVING MISS DAISY is directed by JCAT's Artistic Director, Michael Andron. Set Design is by Shawn Lewis, with Lighting Design by Zachary Pitchman and Costume Design by Carole Barou-Mootoo. Aaron Grant Theatrical serves as the Management Consultant. DRIVING MISS DAISY is presented through the MARJCC's Cultural Arts Department.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 11, 2019
Vintage Theatre Productions Announces 12 Shows For The 2020 Season. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30 p.m. at Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St. in Aurora. Early bird season tickets are currently on sale. Single ticket will go on sale October 1. Call 303-856-7830 or purchase online at www.vintagetheatre.org.
by TV News Desk - Apr 9, 2019
Turner Classic Movies (TCM), considered throughout the industry as the definitive home of classic film and the leading authority on the genre, will celebrate its 25th anniversary on April 14th, 2019. Over the past 25 years, the iconic network has offered movie lovers cinematic treasures that highlight the entire spectrum of film history, uncut and commercial-free. To celebrate its silver anniversary, TCM will present an extensive on-air programming salute throughout the entire month of April showcasing popular programing from the TCM vault including six TCM originally produced specials such as Robert Osborne's Best of Private Screenings and Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival: Norman Lloyd, as well as airing double features of The Best of The Essentials. Additionally, the network will air a two-week special primetime tribute with 25 of TCM's biggest fans joining TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz as guest programmers with on-air dedications of their favorite films. The network will also launch an exclusive 25thanniversary merchandise collection featuring original archival artwork reflecting the legacy of TCM as well a commemorative 25thanniversary wine through the TCM Wine Club.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 8, 2019
On this day in 2015, Vanessa Hudgens made her Broadway debut in the title role of Gigi!
by Andrea Stephenson - Apr 26, 2019
Add together a foggy night, dead body, clues that point in different directions, twists and turns, and what do you get? Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest. The Unexpected Guest opened in 1958 in the West End and was turned into a novel by Charles Osborne in 1999. Test out your detective skills at Little Theatre Mechanicsburg where The Unexpected Guest will take the stage April 26-May 12. I had the opportunity to take a sneak peak of the first act and to speak with two of the actors-Kaitlyn Booth, portraying Laura Warwick, and Nova Lorraine, playing Inspector Thomas.
by Jessica Crowe - Apr 18, 2019
Oyster Mill Playhouse is working diligently to bring you their next production, The Last Night Of Ballyhoo. Set to debut on April 26th, this play transports us back to December of 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Freitag family is preparing for the annual Ballyhoo ball. As if the excitement surrounding the ball isn't enough, this year's celebration happens to coincide with the premiere of Gone with the Wind...
by BWW News Desk - Apr 16, 2019
Hot on the heels of their completely sold out short form improv festival at Alexander Bar, the ImproGuise team are gearing up for a run of brilliant, diverse and exciting long form improv. Aptly named ImproGuise Presents The Style High Club, each of five nights will be devoted to completely improvised hour long shows.