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Critically Acclaimed Series EXPLORER Returns to Nat Geo Channel, 11/14
by TV News Desk - Sep 28, 2016

National Geographic Channel's long-running, critically-acclaimed series EXPLORER, which has long represented the best of the network for more than three decades, will return in a newly reimagined format on November 14, 2016 at 10:00 pm ET/PT. (more...)

BWW Feature: New Theatre Jacksonville Technical Director Designs Austen
by Michael Lipp - Sep 26, 2016

Jon Jory's adaptation of Jane Austen's PRIDE & PREJUDICE posed significant scenic and lighting design challenges for Theatre Jacksonville's new Technical Director, Tim Watson. 'You've got about 25 locations and you can literally change from one to another on a single line,' Watson explains. 'There's no way you can do full sets for each location, but it's written that way - to be minimal. It's difficult to jump between so many locations and be so fast and so fluid. Jon Jory didn't want black-out scene changes, so it's more of an environment rather than actual locations.' Director Amy Canning agrees and calls the show 'very minimalist, but seriously complex with lots of moving parts and pieces.' (more...)

Special SPRING AWAKENING Debut of the Month Series: Joshua Castille
by Caryn Robbins - Sep 21, 2015

Throughout the week, BWW's Debut of the Month column will feature five of the talented actors who are making their debuts in this exciting new production.  (more...)

WAKE UP with BWW 10/29/2015 - Keira Knightley on Broadway and More!
by Jessica Khan - Oct 29, 2015

Good morning, BroadwayWorld! Because we know all our readers eat, sleep and breathe Broadway, what could be better than waking up to it? Today's big news: Keira Knightley makes her Broadway debut in THERESE RAQUIN, opening tonight! (more...)

BWW Recap: Liza Pursues the 'Stoopid Girls', & More, on YOUNGER
by Matt Smith - Oct 19, 2016

Hello, YOUNG'ns! (Tryin' out a new fan name… you dig?) Welcome to another week of YOUNGER shenanigans with Liza and the gang! After their special bonding moment last week, Charles and Liza get a little teensy bit more physical this week, raising hopes of an actual #CharlesandLiza pairing. (more...)

EADO PLAYHOUSE Opens its Doors For the First Time This November
by BWW News Desk - Oct 17, 2016

 'EaDo Playhouse?! We know what you're thinking… Okay, we assume to know what you're thinking… 'A) Do we really need another theater in Houston? B) Are they going to change their name next year? 3) Did I turn the stove off?' Honestly, we're thinking the same thing... But, hey, we're just trying to level out the arts-venue to Chipotle ratio in Houston. No, but seriously… In a world where a tiny-handed talking Cheeto in a toupee could be the next President of the United States, we feel that it's important for our community to bond together.  (more...)

BWW Recap: Krysta Rodriguez, Jennifer Simard Guest on YOUNGER as Liza Saves a Bookstore
by Matt Smith - Oct 12, 2016

Liza's got it all in for herself in this week's installment (and yes, I know I say that every week, but with this show and her predicament, would you really expect anything less?) After settling everything by 'roasting marshmallows' with Josh, Liza gives him a break this week (once again, to contemplate their relationship) but also to head back to New Jersey once again. And no, she's not pickin' up any truffle butter this time 'round; she's going to cash in on a brilliant idea to save a bookstore… with less than favorable results. (Okay, yes, I know I say that every week, too, but seriously.. come on! Have you seen the show?!) Meanwhile, Kelsey heads back into the dating scene, Lauren ends up in a dating dilemma… and somewhere in there, Diana passes out. It's all ahead (or behind), so if you're intrigued…. read on, read on!! (more...)

Check Out Full Lyrics to Lin-Manuel Miranda's SNL 'My Shot' Remix!
by Caryn Robbins - Oct 12, 2016

Below, BWW brings you the full transcript of Miranda's opening monologue, including lyrics to his remixed version of 'My Shot.' Enjoy! (more...)

BWW Interview: Meet Matt Cox, the Writer Behind the Magical PUFFS
by Marissa Sblendorio - Oct 10, 2016

Matt Cox is a playwright, actor, improviser, who's behind the popular shows KAPOW-I GOGO and PUFFS OR: SEVEN INCREASINGLY EVENTFUL YEARS AT A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC & MAGIC. With PUFFS recently making it's debut at the Elektra Theatre after a lager than life run at the People's Improv Theatre, this Harry Potter parody puts audiences in the perspective of the most ragged on house: the Hufflepuffs.  (more...)

BWW Interview: Lisa Scheps of Ground Floor Theatre
by Frank Benge - Nov 9, 2015

In what is planned to be a series of articles about Austin theatre companies, we start by talking with Lisa Scheps who in January of this year opened a brand new theatre space in Austin. Although they did have a first performance in December of 2014, Ground Floor Theatre did not officially open until January. (more...)

WATCH NOW: Your Weekly BroadwayWorld Vine Fix! 11/28/15 w/ GUYS AND DOLLS, THE WIZ, RENT, and More!
by Maeve Riley - Nov 28, 2015

On top of our comedic content, we also aim to provide an inside look at the newest up-and-coming shows, and short (but sweet) six second interviews with all of our favorite stars. (more...)

PREMATURE Comedy Special Starring Elliott Morgan Premieres December 10 on Vimeo
by TV News Desk - Nov 20, 2015

Supergravity Pictures and Vimeo today announced that Premature, an original stand-up comedy special starring comedian and digital star Elliott Morgan, will premiere December 10 exclusively on Vimeo On Demand. Pre-orders ($5.99) for Premature can be made starting today at (more...)

Critically Acclaimed Series EXPLORER Returns to Nat Geo Channel, 11/14
by BWW News Desk - Nov 14, 2016

National Geographic Channel's long-running, critically-acclaimed series EXPLORER, which has long represented the best of the network for more than three decades, will return in a newly reimagined format on November 14, 2016 at 10:00 pm ET/PT. (more...)

BWW Recap: It's a Tale of Two Tumors on GREY'S ANATOMY
by Lauren Gienow - May 6, 2017

Thursday night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, written by Elizabeth R. Finch and directed by Zetna Fuentes, offered viewers a tale of two tumors—two very different patient cases in which the doctors want to try to remove a tumor but the patient (or patient's parents) do not want them to…for very different reasons. As the medical cases play out, we also get an update on the Arizona/Eliza romance, and the Meredith/Riggs romance (and Maggie's stance on it). We also see Edwards finally reach her boiling point with the existential crisis she has quietly having all season. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Alex is tracking down Jo's estranged, abusive husband…so that should be interesting. (more...)

BWW Blog: Christopher Panella - An Ode to Summer: Don't Stop, Keep Moving 
by Guest Blogger: Christopher Panella - May 5, 2016

?Your craft is only good with continuity over time. - Me. just now. But seriously, continuity is important, especially when it comes to theatre and the arts. As actors, we grow with every performance, every note, line, and count a step building stairs that only go up. In theatre news, there is never an actor who talks about not pushing themselves for years to be their best before getting their big break. Big breaks come with practice and dedication, not sheer luck and ability. For high school students, theatre can seem like a school year activity, summers spent relaxing. I mean, I get it: high school is the high note and the summer is the needed catch breath. Yet, this industry and profession finds itself with more of a willing supply than demand. For this reason actors need to, more than ever, develop their craft to be the best it can be any chance they get, especially high school actors.  (more...)

by Chris Arneson - May 13, 2016

There's a place in pop culture for ritzy housewives. Unfortunately, I'm not too sure that place is in Cherry Creek just yet. (more...)

BWW Recap: Liza Gets Under Her Ex, Discovers Secret About Thad on YOUNGER
by Matt Smith - Mar 9, 2016

Hey, you YOUNGER fans! Hope you've recovered from last week's traumatic sheep incident and are ready to plow through (sorry!) this week's recap.  We're heading toward the finish line (after this week, we've got just two episodes left in the season!! Where did the time go?), but the writers seem to have set the stage for quite the explosive last two episodes! And the beginning of the end (in many more ways than one) starts with this week's installment. Intrigued? Want to know more? Well, then… read on:  (more...)

BWW Interview: Oliver von Dohnányi Leads the Way to a New Seattle KATYA
by Erica Miner - Mar 6, 2017

Dohnanyi shares details about his astonishing musical background and training, and his thoughts about Czech opera (more...)

Space 55 to Present Kim Porter's BLUE GALAXY
by BWW News Desk - Mar 30, 2016

Space 55 brings the newest play from Kim Porter (with songs by Roger P Clark) to the stage. (more...)

BWW Interview: BRIGHT STAR's Hannah Elless Is Gonna Shine Again on Broadway
by Nicole Rosky - Mar 24, 2016

This spring couldn't be brighter for Hannah Elless. Later today, the Michigan native will officially make her return to Broadway in Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's BRIGHT STAR, which opens tonight at the Cort Theatre (138 West 48th Street). (more...)

Collegiate Theatrics: University of Memphis' CODY RUTLEDGE
by Jeffrey Ellis - Mar 10, 2016

Whew! We need a vacation already, so you can only imagine how Cody, the guy with the enormous heart and brilliant imagination must feel! So, here's some quick and sage advice for you: Buy yourself some Cody Rutledge stock and watch its value increase, even as his reputation as both an actor and as a scenic designer continues to grow. (more...)

KATDASHIANS! BREAK THE MUSICAL to Transfer to Elektra Theatre
by BWW News Desk - Jun 8, 2016

Bob and Tobly McSmith have announced that due to overwhelming demand Katdashians! Break the Musical! will transfer to Elektra Theater. After a sold out run at Theatre 80 from May 27 - June 4th, the Katdashians will be headed up to Times Square with performances beginning on June 16th running through July 16th.    (more...)

STAGE TUBE: KATDASHIANS! BREAK THE MUSICAL! Unveils New Teaser, Extends with New Songs
by Stage Tube - Jun 29, 2016

KATDASHIANS! BREAK THE MUSICAL!, the very unauthorized musical parody of the Kardashians reimagined as cats, has extended its run. Performances at Times Square's Elektra Theatre will now run through July 30, 2016. Arguably one of the most important stories in the US and UK this week after Andrew Lloyd Webber's legal complaint against the show, New York's most controversial musical will now feature six all new songs. Below, get look into the lives of the Katdashians, America's First Feline Family, as they star in a new musical! (more...)

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Challenges John McEnroe on Controversial Serena Williams Comment
by TV News Desk - Jun 28, 2017

On last night's LATE SHOW, 'But Seriously' author John McEnroe reflected on his latest controversial opinion that Serena Williams would lose to the No. 700 men's tennis player. (more...)

PHOTO: First Look - Richard Dreyfuss Stars as Bernie Madoff in ABC Miniseries
by TV News Desk - Jun 26, 2015

Deadline has shared a first look at Blythe Danner and Richard Dreyfuss, who portray Ruth and Bernie Madoff in the upcoming ABC miniseries MADOFF. (more...)

BWW Blog: Casey McGuire - The Balance of School and Theatre
by Guest Blogger: Casey McGuire - Jun 24, 2016

Recently I received my final report card and was horrified at what I saw. The first grade on it was a big, fat, B and it was just staring me right in the face (I know what you're thinking, "A B! That's a good grade! Why would you be upset over that?"), but that "B" was because I participated in theatre. Sure, I still passed and my GPA didn't drop that much, but what about in more extreme cases, where should the line be drawn? Is it okay for a student to receive a D and still get to be the lead in the next school show? Should they even get to be in the next show? They still passed. What about an F? Should students be rewarded for their achievements in theatre if they aren't meeting the standard marks to graduate? As performers and technicians we need to be responsible for our grades and commitments to theatre. (more...)

Betty Buckley Comments on Passing of EIGHT IS ENOUGH Co-Star Dick Van Patten: 'He Taught Me So Much'
by TV News Desk - Jun 23, 2015

Today, Betty Buckley, Van Patten's co-star on EIGHT IS ENOUGH shared her thoughts with BWW on the passing of her friend (more...)

Betty Buckley Comments on Passing of EIGHT IS ENOUGH Co-Star Dick Van Patten: 'He Taught Me So Much'
by Caryn Robbins - Jun 23, 2015

Today, Betty Buckley, who co-starred with Van Patten on EIGHT IS ENOUGHT, shared her thoughts with BWW on the passing of her friend (more...)

EIGHT IS ENOUGH Star & Broadway Vet Dick Van Patten Dies at 86
by TV News Desk - Jun 23, 2015

Dick Van Patten, best known as TV patriarch Tom Bradford on the hit 1980s series Eight Is Enough, has passed away at the age of 86. (more...)

Scoop: CBS THIS MORNING 624 - 6/30 on CBS
by TV Scoop - Jun 22, 2017

Get all the scoop on CBS THIS MORNING 624 - 6/30, airing on CBS (more...)

EDINBURGH 2016: BWW Q&A - Angela Wand
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 29, 2016

BWW speaks to Angela Wand about 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show Wounded Animals. (more...)

EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- A Drinking Game!
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 24, 2017

BWW speaks to Initiative Productions about bringing A Drinking Game! to the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. (more...)

BWW Interviews - Kellie Pickler Talks New Show KNOCK KNOCK LIVE!
by Tess Reynolds - Jul 23, 2015

Earlier this week, Kellie Picker spoke with BWW and other media outlets about the exciting new series. (more...)

BWW Interview: Annoying Actor Friend Explains Why #SOBLESSED Live at 54 Below is Like the Hamilton Lottery
by Matt Tamanini - Jul 23, 2015

In 2013, Actor Friend published his/her first book #SOBLESSED, with the follow-up #GRATEFUL available this year just in time for the holidays. With the success of #SOBLESSED, and its star-studded audio version, A.F. brought the book to the stage in concert form. After two sold-out runs at 54 Below, the show is back for what might be its final performance ever, Monday, July 27th at 9:30 pm. As always, the show benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. (more...)

Meet the Stars of NYMF: Devin ILaw of WEARING BLACK
by Nora Dominick - Jul 12, 2015

New York Musical Theatre Festival is in full swing and BroadwayWorld has taken the time to sit down with some of the stars of this years NYMF musicals. Like any great art form, musical theatre is shaped by the events and philosophies of the day. The strength and vitality of musical theatre lie in its ability to stay fresh and relevant. It was with that idea in mind, ten years ago, that the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) was created - to provide an effective platform to introduce new shows, new perspectives, and new blood into the musical theatre canon. MEET THE STARS OF NYMF sits down with Devin ILaw of WEARING BLACK (more...)

BWW News: A Look at the State of the Theatre in DC with Jane Horwitz, Nelson Pressley and Celia Wren
by Elliot Lanes - Jan 9, 2017

For theatre lovers in our area, we always look forward to what our theatre companies have in store for us in their upcoming seasons. We look to see if there are any trends that stand out to us as audience members. We also see growth in many companies with each new season of shows. Anyone that's been following DC theatre for a while will notice how things have changed in the last twenty or thirty years. One of the biggest examples of this would be the clean up and revitalization of 14th Street, which had direct implications for Studio Theatre and Source. (more...)

BWW Recap: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Patti Murin's BACHELOR Recap Season!
by Patti Murin - Jan 5, 2016

Okay, maybe not the WHOLE reason 2016 exists, but at least 8-10 PM EST on Mondays for a few months. Welcome back, my loyal fellow Bachelor fans, and those random few who accidentally stumbled onto this recap and will now be forever hooked on the whole Bachelor/ette/in Paradise/Junior/New Orleans/Med franchise due to my brilliance wit and astute observations. Welcome one, welcome all! Maybe not all, but it better not be just one. (more...)

BWW Interview: Louis Farber of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER at Brelby Theatre Company
by Jeanmarie Simpson - Jan 3, 2017

I was attracted to Peter and the Starcatcher because of the script. It is an extremely well-crafted and an exceptionally inventive grown-up's prequel to Peter Pan where twelve actors play over 100 assorted characters, through the use animated characterization and the boundless limits of imagination. The actors enter a sparse stage and create a world for us where we face high adventure, big dreams, tough choices and flying; and the audience is asked to employ their imaginations immediately. The script is smart, tight, heartwarming and hilarious. (more...)

BWW Exclusive: WICKED's Josh Green and Fiancé Talk On-Stage Engagement
by Sally Henry - Jan 10, 2016

When Josh Daniel Green took the stage for his Christmas day performance of Wicked, the last thing he thought he'd have after the performance was a shiny new ring. (more...)

E FUN Suggests Going Rogue This Valentine's Day with Its Ares 8 Android Tablet
by BWW News Desk - Feb 9, 2017


BWW Exclusive: New Musicals at 54 Series - Jennifer Ashley Tepper Interviews Zack Zadek and Alex Pototsky About THE CRAZY ONES
by Jennifer Ashley Tepper - Feb 9, 2016

New Musicals at 54 is a series produced by Feinstein's/ 54 Below Programming Director Jennifer Ashley Tepper. Some of the 10 new and diverse musicals by a selection of today's most talented writers have had out-of-town productions, some have had workshops... now's your chance to be first to see them in NYC! Join us at New Musicals at 54 for one-night-only concerts celebrating each new show with songs, behind-the-scenes stories, and all-star casts! (more...)

BWW Recap: Liza Returns to Jersey for Truffle Butter, & More, on YOUNGER
by Matt Smith - Feb 3, 2016

Welcome back, YOUNGER-ians! (What do you think? Yay or nay on the fan name?) Glad you decided to join us for this week's recap of Liza's shenanigans.  Last week, we were introduced to Queen Bee Jade Winslow, who's supposedly writing the first book for Kelsey's new imprint. This week, we get a glimpse into how those developments have furthered, how Jade's coming along with her masterpiece tell-all, and how Kelsey's trying to hold it all together dealing with her author's horrible personality. But… that's all in due time. We don't actually open with that.  (more...)

BWW Review: H.M.S. PINAFORE at Actors Theatre
by Keith Waits - Dec 3, 2015

See H.M.S. Pinafore From The Pillow Pit (more...)

Free Delivery Vouchers & Discount Codes on Online Shopping
by BWW News Desk - Dec 12, 2016


David Gets Goliath's Attention With Humorous Ransom Stunt
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2016


BWW Blog: Arielle Jacobs - Flying High, Down Under: Part 1: Destination Sydney
by Guest Blogger: Arielle Jacobs - Aug 16, 2016

I've thought about writing a blog for a long time.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to take on the pressure of figuring out what to write, what is entertaining, who's my audience, blah blah blah.  But I know that when I read other people's words and reflections, it moves me. It speaks to me. And I often see my thoughts in their thoughts.  So I figure, it's about time to share what excites me. Because I am at a point in my life when there is a whole lot of new adventures that are pretty damn exciting! (more...)

BWW Interview: Director Gordon Bressack Talks About MURDER, ANYONE?
by Don Grigware - Apr 5, 2017

Writer/Director/Producer Gordon Bre4ssack is a veteran of the NY Off-Off Broadway scene as a member of The Playhouse of the Ridiculous. He toured Europe three times with that group and was with them in 1971 when they were all arrested for obscenity in Brussels. He came to Los Angeles in 1983 and was soon hired at Hanna-Barbera writing such shows as 'Scooby- Doo' and 'The Smurfs'. He went on to Warner Bros. Animation and won three Emmys for his work on 'Animaniacs' and 'Pinky & the Brain.' His two previous plays in LA, 'Fuggedaboudit' and 'Missing Dick' were audience and critical favorites. by Steve Peterson (more...)

BWW Interview: Laughs Most Generous: Reduced Shakespeare Company's Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor
by Ellen Burns - Apr 28, 2016

It would be quite the coup to talk to the guys who found the long lost first play of a 17-year-old Will Shakespeare. Let me know if that ever happens to you. For my part, I'd actually prefer what I got, which was a great conversation with Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin, the guys who are pretending they found the long lost first play of a 17-year-old Will Shakespeare. At their request and in their words, I will emphasize this point…”We're pretending…We did not find a play! It's a joke!” Point taken. (more...)

BWW Interview: Jeff Deglow of INTERRUPTING VANESSA at Childsplay
by Jeanmarie Simpson - Apr 26, 2017

Interrupting Vanessa is a very sweet compact play; it is slow, compassionate, and very concise. It does not pander to its audience, and is not superfluous in its story telling. It is beautifully paced and allows for audiences of different ages to enjoy it. The message of holding on, and moving on, is gentle and very organic in its writing. Adults experience a very different play than the children do. It is such a joy to be part of telling this story. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Stellar Performances but No Story in 5th Ave's A NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN
by Jay Irwin - Apr 1, 2016

I'll admit to only a passing familiarity with Janis Joplin before I saw the current show at the 5th Avenue Theatre, “A Night with Janis Joplin”, in that I knew who she was but was hard pressed to come up with any of her songs. Of course, after seeing the show I found I knew more of her stuff than I thought, I just didn't know it was her. And while Kacee Clanton as Janis is quite a sight to see not to mention the other incredible women she has up there with her, the show as a whole doesn't know what it wants to be. Is it a biography, a rock concert, a history of blues? Who can say? But what I can say is that the connecting dialog attempting some kind of through line for the show was at best boring and at worst forced and embarrassing. (more...)

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